Al Munro at Penrith Regional Gallery

31 May to 24 August

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This group show investigated the phenomena of colour and light through a scientific and an artistic lens. Al Munro's 'Molecular Measure' series was on view as a part of this exhibition.

"These works are the result of a number of discussions with Waratah Lahy about the areas in which our interests connect. Waratah was working on a series of paintings of street and garden scenes framed and distorted by ornate window panes. These formed patterned grids, very similar to the molecular and crystallographic grids which have informed my work for the last few years. We chose to begin our In Tandem works using a crytsalline shape from a series of brooches I has made in 2012, and to focus on ideas of grids, structure and space.

My works began with a number of drawings, but soon moved into a constructed form using the balsa wood to allow me to explore ideas of structure and construction. The resultant works make use of stripes that mimic a scientific colour code or system of measurement and make reference to the constructed-ness of a scientific understanding of the natural world. The works reference diagrams, but replace the conventional black and white line work with brightly coloured, glittering stripes, reinvesting the forms with some of the variety and vivdness present in natural specimens." - Al Munro

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Al Munro


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