Al Munro

14 May to 9 June

Brenda May Gallery

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The paintings in the exhibition, 'Pleated Logic', continue my interest in exploring the way textile forms, such a pattern and structure, allow us to reconsider the spaces of abstract painting. Pleated and folded fabrics create spatial forms which are flexible and elastic; mathematically, pleating and folding allows a transformation from two dimensions to complex hyperbolic spatial forms. This exhibition draws on ideas developed on recent residencies in northern Thailand, and my interest in the heavily pleated Hmong textiles found in the region. These textiles are patterned with linear forms, often prints, stitched or embellished onto the lengths of cloth prior to pleating. The pleating and the movement it enables creates a shifting and deformation in the patterned surfaces. It is this play between spatial forms and the shifting, stretching and contracting of the patterned pleats which have informed this work.

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Al Munro



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