Recent Exhibitions

Tania Smith, Untitled (walking)

- Black Box Projects, 2018

18 April to 12 May

Untitled (walking) shows a woman in high heels navigating back and forth over a range of surfaces - rocky cliffs, sand dunes, or man-made spaces such as offices and bathrooms. Each surface creates its own set of challenges for the faceless woman, who persists onwards in a continual march across the terrain and back and forth across the screen.

Untitled (walking) conveys my interest in mimetic gestures (as detailed by theorist and psychoanalyst Luce Irigaray). I perform in feminine accoutrements such as dresses and heels to signify female experience. In the performances I employ a slightly exaggerated manner that points to the comedic language of slapstick. The video is tinted blue and screened without sound to reference silent cinema, a continuing interest for me and my work (my work has been strongly informed by the cinematic slapstick of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, reframed through a feminist lens). The video is shown looped, trapping the woman in an endless pursuit, back and forth, ever onwards, again and again....

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Peter Tilley

- Seeing the Shadow, 2018

18 April to 12 May

A shadow that gives an insight into the human figure’s character and situation is the aim of this body of work. Not so much the figure or object, but the shadow it casts, a shadow that in some way reveals more about the figure than would normally be revealed, the inner self. The psychological aspects that can be associated with the shadow form a relatively important component. The focus is on how, through materiality and form, the shadow as a three-dimensional medium may be capable of revealing the nature of the individual.

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Helen Mueller

- Roots, 2018

18 April to 12 May

I have taken my cue for this project from the remnants of root architecture that I found at the base of upturned trees. On this occasion, it is the meanderings, rhythm and poetry of root systems that interest me more than biology or metaphor. In their fully functional form, roots reside in the shadows of the seen and known. It is only in their lifeless state, once the tree has been uprooted, that we get a glimpse of what might have been.

Through the woodblock carving and printing process, I have imagined something of the depth, complexity and mystery of a system elemental to a life. As a starting point for my matrix, I have used industrial grade and discarded timbers, ones that struggle to still show traces of the miracles of their origin. It is in searching out those traces that I find hidden and unexpected form.

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Janet Tavener at Gosford Regional Gallery

- Janet Tavener and Rew Hanks: In the Ice, 2018

14 April to 20 May

In early 2017 artists Janet Tavener and Rew Hanks undertook a three-month artist residency in Iceland. The work produced for this exhibition is inspired by their journey and expresses their shared concern for the effect of climate change on the regions within the Arctic Rim.

During the residency Tavener photographed many of the vanishing glaciers and ice caves of Iceland. Her second series of work responds to the vulnerability of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway. Hanks's hand-coloured linocuts highlight the dramatic decline of the puffin populations of Iceland and the imbalance of marine ecosystems in the North Atlantic Sea caused by the high density of plastic pollutants.

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Robert Boynes and Waratah Lahy at Canberra Museum and Gallery

- Celebration: 20 years of collecting visual art at CMAG, 2018

24 March to 17 June

Canberra Museum and Gallery website:
This exhibition showcases the rich collections of visual art at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG). In its 20-year history CMAG has built a collection of objects with a unique focus, which reflects both the creative breadth of its artists and the historical context of art in the Canberra region – this corner of south-eastern Australia that includes the nation’s capital, the southern tablelands, the Monaro plains and a number of towns and hamlets.

The exhibition includes historical and contemporary Canberra region art by more than 100 established and emerging artists, representing CMAG’s holdings of painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, digital art, ceramics, glass, textiles, metalware and jewellery.

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Straight Outta Canberra

- curated by Alexander Boynes, 2018

21 March to 14 April

It was once said that the best thing to come out of Canberra was the Hume Highway, yet in the space of a decade the national capital has gone from being a place where residents said 'Don't tell anyone I'm from Canberra' to now saying 'Don't tell anyone ABOUT Canberra'. More than anything this has to do with the city finally developing a personality independent of what happens up at Parliament House, and the recognition of the rich cultural sector bubbling below the surface.

Once upon a time the rite of passage for ANU School of Art graduates was to leave Canberra as soon as possible in order to 'make it'. The irony is that internationally recognised artists who have called Canberra home (including Alison Alder, Vivienne Binns, Robert Boynes, eX de Medici, Rosalie Gascoigne, Richard Larter, Mandy Martin, Jorg Schmeisser, Ruth Waller etc. etc.) in part made it because they stayed.

Following in these footsteps, "Straight Outta Canberra" presents a group of ambitious emerging artists who have realised the benefits of an easygoing city that is host to every national institution under the sun. Artists include Tom Buckland, Tony Curran, Sanne Koelemij, Julian Laffan, Cat Mueller, Dionisia Salas, Rebecca Selleck and Rosalind Lemoh.

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