Recent Exhibitions

Kevin McKay

- Pavilion: South Cronulla Studies, 2017

13 June to 8 July

This series of paintings and ink wash studies explores Sydney's southern beachside suburb of Cronulla. It began with a small beachside pavilion. Like many others that dot Australia's coastline, this structure houses a public toilet and change room and serves as an orientating landmark, demarking the space between the working city and foreshore leisure. Despite its humble function, the pavilion represents a place of transition and like a classical temple, provides a sense of the metaphysical in its engagement with light and space. I look for the same in the suburban jumble that rises along the shore to obstruct and frame the empty space of sky and sea.

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Charlie Sheard

- Tableau and Poesia, 2017

13 June to 8 July

My paintings are pure abstraction. I work with the basic elements of painting: colour, materiality and bodily energy (drawing). My experience as an abstract painter is that colours take a particular form (or shape) requisite at any given moment to the emotions held in and expressed through the body at that moment. Colour and form are therefore married to emotion in the moment, but in order to be meaningful, this marriage must be informed by art history and an adequate mastery of techniques and materials. My recent paintings are Poems and Tableaux of moods, emotions and spirit.

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Todd Fuller, 'Icarus of the Hill'

- Black Box Projects, 2017

13 June to 8 July

Todd Fuller's hand-drawn films combine analogue filmmaking methodologies with drawing and painting. In March 2017, Fuller participated in Hill Endís Artist-in-Residence program which culminated in the animation "Icarus of the Hill". The film combines his experiences with imagery from Australian art history and Greek mythology. The resulting work explores this significant place, its history, and our relationship to it.

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Peter Tilley at Newcastle Art Gallery

- The Phantom Show, 2017

10 June to 20 August

In March 1977 the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery officially opened to the public as one of the first purpose built contemporary regional Art Galleries in Australia. On the 1st September of that same year the exhibition Ghost who walks never can die was held, a celebration of pop art inspired by the long running Phantom comics. In 2017 the Gallery's 40th anniversary of the Ghost who walks returns to Newcastle as THE PHANTOM SHOW curated by Peter Kingston and Dietmar Lederwasch.

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Todd Fuller at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- Icarus of the Hill, 2017

9 June to 30 July

Todd Fuller's hand drawn films have been captivating audiences since 2010. His unique style of animation combines analogue filmmaking methodologies with drawing and painting techniques. In March 2017 Todd participated in the Hill End Artist in Residence program. During this time he created the animation Icarus of the Hill, which combines his experiences with imagery from Australian Art History around the site and Greek mythology. The resulting body of work explores this significant place, its history and our relationship to it.

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Waratah Lahy

- Everyday, 2017

16 May to 10 June

Everyday is a body of work that looks at the often unnoticed and unmarked moments of everyday life. In particular, the works focus on my immediate environment: my home, my garden, my suburb, my workplace.

With this body of work I continue to explore the enduring themes of my practice, namely, the ways in which we perceive the world, and how prosaic everyday moments reveal unexpected narratives and instances of revelation. Underpinning these themes is an ongoing fascination with the materiality of paint, with surface, and also with the scale of the painted object and how these elements have the ability to affect the perception of the depicted subject.

More recently I focused on the rhythms, colours and textures of things I see everyday. I have become enamoured of rediscovering objects and places that had become invisible through familiarity.

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