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Australian Gallerist: Singapore Fair Could Trump Hong Kong

30 January 2013
Nicholas Forrest

The general consensus regarding the 2013 edition of Art Stage Singapore is that the fair was a great success - much more so than the 2012 edition. Sales were strong and buying trends reflected the dominant presence of knowledgeable and discerning collectors and investors who were interested in more than just big names. All the Australian galleries that took part in Art Stage Singapore 2013 found success in one way or another. Those galleries that didn't make sales during the fair were at least able to develop valuable connections and leads. ...more

Art Landing Singapore

Lian Hezaobao
26 January 2013

Singapore Chinese newspaper.

Brenda May Gallery at Art Stage Singapore, 24-27 January 2013. ...more

Third Time's the Charm

The Buisness Times
25 January 2013
Cheah Ui-Hoon and Helmi Yusof

If Art Stage Singapore made a brash and bold debut three years ago, opening with a bang which fizzled out a bit in its second year, it looks like it has found its groove in its third edition. ...more

Sculpture 2013

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
19-20 January 2013

Brenda May has hosted an annual sculpture exhibition since she opened Access Gallery in 1985. The 2013 collection includes work by artists including Will Coles (Might is Right, pictured) and Peter Tilley. ...more

Night Visions

Lismore Regional Gallery
December 2012

Exhibition catalogue for the exhibition 'Night Visions' at Lismore Regional Gallery, 15 December 2012 to 3 February 2013. ...more

Evidence of a Catastrophe

December 2012
Megan Fizell

Threatening, ominous, apocalyptic; the fluid and swirling clouds stretched across the canvases of James Guppy's 2006 series 'The Weather Reports' herald danger and destruction. ...more

Interview Todd Fuller

NAVA Quarterly
December 2012

Early career artist and curator Todd Fuller along with mentor Virginia Mitchell received funding from the Curator Mentorship Initiative (supported by the Sidney Myer Fund and administered by NAVA) to present an exhibition of local artists at the Cessnock Regional Gallery in NSW. One year on, Todd shares his reflections about the exhibition, BLACK - a coal case, and what he has been up to since its completion. ...more

Sculptor doubles appeal

Newcastle Herald
25 October 2012
Amy Edwards

Hamilton South sculptor Peter Tilley has discovered he can be in two places at once. ...more

What's On... Jim Croke and Peter Tilley

The Daily Telegraph - Best Weekend
20 - 21 October 2012

This joint exhibition juxtaposes the work of two senior Australian sculptors who have each made small-sized works which nevertheless pack a punch. ...more

Going, Going... Art + Food

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
20 - 21 October 2012
Sarah Thomas

Communion wafers join eggshells, salt and human hair in 'Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life', which aims to move the art from far away from fruit bowls. ...more

What's On

The Daily Telegraph - Best Weekend
20 - 21 October 2012
Myles Lattacher

Food always seems to taste better when it is well presented. ...more

Beyond the Scene

Vogue Living
Nov/Dec 2012

A childhood fascination with tiny paper dolls has flourished
into an adult obsession with creating miniature worlds. Sculptor Mylyn Nguyen's dioramas, pocket-sized souvenirs of her imagined wonderlands, rest on tea bags, hide inside medicine bottles and, in 'One day I went for a walk' (pictured), sit atop spoons. ...more


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