Eliza Gosse

Eliza Gosse’s paintings depict Australian Suburbia. Working out of a lineage of Australian artists who have debunked the stereotypes of suburbia under a ‘super flat’ lens, Gosse comes to her painting from a background of architecture. Studying at the University of Sydney before completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at the National Art School, the mantra of ‘form follows function’ finds renewed validity in her paintings.

Turning to The International Architectural Style from the post war period, Gosse’s paintings use flat planes of colour and clean geometric forms to play off utopian architectural ideals with a nostalgic inflection. She uses her paintings to explore issues surrounding national identity, the delayed impact of design histories, and how an ‘Australianness’ has entered the Modernist style. Her colour palette, washed out, chalky and neutral, reflects on the industrial materials used in these buildings.

Gosse has exhibited widely throughout Sydney since completing her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2017, including being in ‘On-Site’ at MAY SPACE in 2018 with a solo show scheduled for later this year. She was the winner of the prestigious John Olsen Drawing Prize at NAS in 2017, and more recently was awarded the William Fletcher Grant for Emerging Artists. Her work is in the SCEGGS Darlinghurst and the NAS collections and can also be seen in the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Gosse is currently finishing her Master of Fine Art at the National Art School this year and was one of the students featured at Sydney Contemporary in their stand in 2018.