Art + Humour Me

- a curated group exhibition, 2011

Art + Humour Me

12 April to 7 May

Brenda May Gallery

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This year we return with the third in the Art + Humour series following the inaugural show in 2005 and Art + Humour Too of 2007. The exhibition contains a range of artworks from sculptures and paintings to an installation of a cardigan-wearing tree.

Humour will elicit a response from all ages and cultures although the actions to induce it will vary from person to person. Historically, comedy has had an important place within the arts dating back to the dramatic form of Ancient Greece, but currently receives very little critical attention in the contemporary visual arts.

With your amusement in mind, please join Joanna Braithwaite (courtesy of Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney), Julia Burns, Maureen Clack, Will Coles, Louisa Dawson, Mimi Dennett, Todd Fuller, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Megan Keating (courtesy of Criterion Gallery, Hobart), Noel McKenna (courtesy of Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney), Simon McLean, Philippe Moreau, Helen Mueller, Carol Murphy, Mylyn Nguyen, Janet Parker-Smith, Jimmy Rix, Sue Stewart, Janet Tavener and Emily Valentine for a serious laugh or at the very least a bit of a giggle...

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Carol Murphy
Helen Mueller
Mylyn Nguyen
Janet Tavener
Todd Fuller



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