Ode to Clarence creates an intimate domestic setting to watch an animation of the same name. The animation, Ode to Clarence is a hand drawn and painted film created during a residency at Grafton Regional Gallery. Grafton is currently undergoing a significant change due to the construction of a new bridge connecting the north and south of the town. This new construction has been in development for nearly thirty years and aims to replace an existing bridge which is no longer suitable for the towns needs. However the existing bridge is of significant heritage status and charm being one of two of its kind in the world. There is a bitter sweetness to this towns progress as it watches a new concrete pilot structure grow alongside the beautiful iron bridge that it has both loved and loathed for many years. In this animation, a man arrives in town carrying a tiny piano, falling in love with the bridge, he plays his piano on the banks of the Clarence river while the new bridge is constructed. Like Nero fiddling while Rome burnt to the ground, Ode to Clarence explores changing rural identities and our relationships to them.


Moving Image: From the Collection, Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW, 18 July to 1 September 2019.
(Winner) Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award, (JADA) Grafton Regional Gallery, 27 October to 9 December 2018 (followed by a tour to six regional galleries through to 2020).
JADA Collection, Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW, 2018.