Current Exhibitions

Janet Tavener

- The Last Seed, 2018

27 June to 21 July

The series titled "The Last Seed" draws its content from Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, that houses 5,000 species of essential food crops deep within the Arctic permafrost. The vault was supposed to be an impenetrable, modern-day Noah's ark for plants, a life raft against climate change and catastrophe. But a recent flood threatened its security - heavy rain occurred at a time of year when the temperature was usually well below freezing.

Scientists are building repositories of everything from seeds to mammal milk in a race to preserve a natural order. Creating cabinets of curiosity serving to remind us of our own mortality, of our mistakes and failures - a modern day Memento Mori.

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Daniel O'Toole

- The Long Tomorrow, 2018

27 June to 21 July

In late 2017, I travelled to Lyon, France to embark on a studio residency with Taverne Gutenberg that transformed the way I approach abstraction. In the first few days of arriving my sketches of local architecture became an obvious choice of focus for the paintings to come. I was enthralled by the geometry of gothic churches, Roman ruins, and classic French design. The colour palette of the city's landscape and fashion influenced my work as soon as I started painting.

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