Janet Tavener at Gosford Regional Gallery

- Janet Tavener and Rew Hanks: In the Ice, 2018

14 April to 20 May

In early 2017 artists Janet Tavener and Rew Hanks undertook a three-month artist residency in Iceland. The work produced for this exhibition is inspired by their journey and expresses their shared concern for the effect of climate change on the regions within the Arctic Rim.

During the residency Tavener photographed many of the vanishing glaciers and ice caves of Iceland. Her second series of work responds to the vulnerability of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway. Hanks's hand-coloured linocuts highlight the dramatic decline of the puffin populations of Iceland and the imbalance of marine ecosystems in the North Atlantic Sea caused by the high density of plastic pollutants.

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Robert Boynes and Waratah Lahy at Canberra Museum and Gallery

- Celebration: 20 years of collecting visual art at CMAG, 2018

24 March to 17 June

Canberra Museum and Gallery website:
This exhibition showcases the rich collections of visual art at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG). In its 20-year history CMAG has built a collection of objects with a unique focus, which reflects both the creative breadth of its artists and the historical context of art in the Canberra region – this corner of south-eastern Australia that includes the nation’s capital, the southern tablelands, the Monaro plains and a number of towns and hamlets.

The exhibition includes historical and contemporary Canberra region art by more than 100 established and emerging artists, representing CMAG’s holdings of painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, digital art, ceramics, glass, textiles, metalware and jewellery.

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Peter Tilley at The University of Newcastle Gallery

- Seeing the Shadow, 2018

21 March to 14 April

The elusive, insubstantial nature of the shadow lends itself to metaphor, myth and legend, with its signi cance contemplated by human consciousness throughout history. Shadows appear as essences of the soul - the externalisation of the inner self - as guides or advisors. In Jungian psychology, shadows contain parts of ourselves that are suppressed, denied, or unfavourable.

For his PhD research, Peter Tilley examines the theory and philosophy of shadow, developing and utilising an array of materials, found objects, symbols and methods that enable the construction of shadows to visually or symbolically disclose fundamental traits and mnemonics of the ‘casting’ figure.

The resulting sculptures become complex representations that explore illusions of certainty, memory and imagination - the mysteries of the unknown - and the fundamental identity and attributes of the figure/self.

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Todd Fuller at Gympie Regional Gallery

- How to Raise a Siren, 2018

10 January to 24 February

Todd Fuller's hand drawn films have been captivating audiences since 2010. His unique style of animation combines analogue film-making methodologies with drawing and painting techniques. In 2016 Todd Fuller created the animation how to raise a siren, which begins with the unlikely incident of a small seacow falling from the sky at Sydney's Bondi beach. The mammal is caught in a jar by a young boy, which is the start of a lifelong companionship. The non-linear narrative considers themes of conservation, imagination, time, liberation, loss and freedom. This mesmerising animation belongs to a highly accessible body of work of the same theme that will compel audiences of all ages. Todd Fuller, the artist, is represented by MAY SPACE, Sydney.

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Todd Fuller at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- The Unflinching Gaze: Photo Media & the Male Figure, curated by Richard Perram OAM, 2017

14 October to 3 December

The Unflinching Gaze: photo media & the male figure is a major exhibition of over 200 photographs and video works by 62 artists (24 Australian and 38 international) and deals with how the male figure has been represented in photo media over the past 140 years.

The exhibition is curated by Richard Perram OAM, Director Of BRAG, an openly gay man, who brings his "queer" gaze to his selection of images of historic and contemporary photography and film. The exhibition is also an important opportunity to inform and educate the Bathurst community and affirm the local LGBTI community.

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Catherine O'Donnell and Nicole Welch at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

- Go West, 2017

13 October to 3 December

Nicole Welch at Murray Art Museum Albury

- 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition, 2017

14 September to 22 October

The Windmill Trust supports the professional arts practice of rural and regional artists with an annual scholarship program. The 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition follows the career journeys of past scholarship winners, highlighting the growing confidence of individual artists, and the evolution of their individual arts practice.

The exhibition brings together a variety of work including sculpture, print, oil and watercolour paintings, video performance, and photography.

Artists featured in the exhibition include: Camille Kersley, Christine McMillan, Stephanie Jones, Sarra Robertson, Tom Doherty, Jonathan Throsby, Sandra McMahon, Samantha Small, Rachel Ellis, Andy Townsend, Craig Cameron, Tracy Luff, Jane Lander, Nicole Welch, Bradley Hammond, Sally Williams, James Blackwell, Rochelle Summerfield, Harrie Fasher, Duke Albada.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Customs House Sydney

- Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct 2017

17 August 2017 to 18 March 2018

Urbanised and sprawling, Sydney is deeply urbane yet paradoxically wild. A secret city of animals, both seen and unseen, exists amongst us. We are coupled and tethered to the animal world in a symbiotic relationship that stretches from the present into the past.

Birds sweep through our skies and pick at our waste, cats rule social media networks, dogs are preened and prepped, and rats scurry endlessly within close proximity. Animals are depicted through deeply symbolic decoration, from public art to architectural motifs. Yet this relationship is often overlooked.

Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct approaches the idea of the animal in the city in various ways from the humorous to the downright creepy, from the symbolically sacred to the secular.

The exhibition, curated by Holly Williams and Glenn Barkley, will feature objects drawn from the City of Sydney collection and archives alongside artworks by four Sydney-based artists: Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Blak Douglas, Mylyn Nguyen and Garry Trinh.

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Robert Boynes at ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra

- Modern Times, 2017

22 June to 13 August

Robert Boynes's images correspond to the classic definition of modernity given by Baudelaire, who said that modern images fused the eternal with the transitory.

The luminous expanses of white canvas breathing through grainy residues of black, red and yellow in Boynes's paintings symbolise the constancy of time and space in relation to the mortal dust of individual existence.

Derived from contemporary photographs which evoke alienation, cosmopolitism, displacement and the speeding-up of events in both private and public spheres, the reduction of all to floating grains and scattered molecules creates a sober, essentially tragic vision of contemporary existence.

The fifteen year period covered by this survey, curated by Terence Maloon, is the remarkable culmination of a career which began in Adelaide in the 1960s, and makes a resume of of Boynes's lifelong preoccupations.

Robert Boynes was the head of the Painting Workshop at the ANU School of Art between 1978 and 2006. The School of Art is celebrating its fortieth year in 2017.

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Peter Tilley at Newcastle Art Gallery

- The Phantom Show, 2017

10 June to 20 August

In March 1977 the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery officially opened to the public as one of the first purpose built contemporary regional Art Galleries in Australia. On the 1st September of that same year the exhibition Ghost who walks never can die was held, a celebration of pop art inspired by the long running Phantom comics. In 2017 the Gallery's 40th anniversary of the Ghost who walks returns to Newcastle as THE PHANTOM SHOW curated by Peter Kingston and Dietmar Lederwasch.

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Todd Fuller at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- Icarus of the Hill, 2017

9 June to 30 July

Todd Fuller's hand drawn films have been captivating audiences since 2010. His unique style of animation combines analogue filmmaking methodologies with drawing and painting techniques. In March 2017 Todd participated in the Hill End Artist in Residence program. During this time he created the animation Icarus of the Hill, which combines his experiences with imagery from Australian Art History around the site and Greek mythology. The resulting body of work explores this significant place, its history and our relationship to it.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Western Plains Cultural Centre

- Close to Home: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial, 2017

6 May to 2 July

The second Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial bring together the drawings of Jumaadi, Maria Kontis, Richard Lewer, Noel McKenna, Catherine O'Donnell and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu. Collectively they investigate the possibilities of the medium to express complex themes that resonate on both a personal and a shared level. The WPCC is the only venue outside of Sydney to host this exhibition.

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Waratah Lahy at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka

- Three Hundred and Sixty Six, 2017

27 April to 7 May

"Three hundred and sixty six" is the outcome of a yearlong drawing project focussing on patterns and rhythms in daily life. The exhibition is comprised of 366 drawings, one for each day of 2016, charting a journey of actively engaging and recording an aspect of everyday life. The aim of the project was to deliberately capture a moment, scene or thought that encapsulated the main focus of the day.

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Robert Boynes at ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra

- 10 Years of Collecting Art for the ANU, 2017

21 April to 28 May

Over the last decade, the University Art Collection has been substantially enriched with gifts, bequests and purchases.

The Collection also traces the history of the ANU School of Art and Design, now celebrating its fortieth year, with a selection of works by outstanding graduating students.

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Nicole Welch at Cementa17

- Contemporary Arts Festival: Kandos NSW, 2017

6 to 9 April

4 days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, photography, installation and ceramics.

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Nicole Welch at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

- Wildēornes Land, 2017

1 April to 7 May

Nicole Welch's Wildēornes Land is an ambitious, monumental cinematic exhibition combining installation, photography and moving image that investigates the Blue Mountains wilderness from a historical, cultural and ecological viewpoint. The exhibition draws upon archival records that illuminate early European's romantic notions of Australian wilderness juxtaposed with contemporary ideas and concerns that reflect the inherent loss and uncertainty we now face for our natural environment.

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Nicole Welch at Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

- Hill End: Seven Decades, 2017

4 March to 21 May

Hill End: Seven Decades traces seventy years of artistic response to the historic Australian gold-mining township of Hill End, NSW. Drawn from Bathurst Regional Art Gallery’s substantial permanent collection, the exhibition features paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs from three generations of Australian artists who have been inspired by the historically charged landscape and remnant architecture of Hill End.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Murray Art Museum Albury

- Found, 2017

24 January to 10 December

'Found' aims to develop the idea of 'Art by Accident' by utilising commonplace objects in their everyday settings with an added moss garden, beetle party and water droplet turn fish pond. Each peep box will feature a different everyday scene/object (kitchen pantry: a moth's party place, desk: a beetles home, footpath: moss garden, linen closet: clouds, shoes: fish pond) embellished with miniature scenes. The aim is to acknowledge what children often see within the ordinary and to remind us of what adults often forget or deem unimportant.

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Al Munro at Newcastle Art Gallery

- Holding: Contemporary Fibre Art, 2016/17

26 November 2016 to 5 February 2017

Holding: Contemporary Fibre Art, is a contemporary interpretation of 'vessels' by 25 international and national fibre artists.

While the word 'HOLDING' can allude to ideas of 'containing' and 'ownership', this group of artists will explore the notion of 'belonging' and 'home' through various textile mediums. Each artist will make a vessel referring to the notion of HOLDING while simultaneously creating structures will which create a rich visual experience.

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Waratah Lahy at ANU School of Art

- SOA PRO, 2016

19 October to 29 October

SOA PRO is an exhibition that showcases recent works by professional and technical staff of The ANU School of Art.

A strong cross section of different modes of working and thinking; varying in discipline, materials and attitudes towards making.This exhibition highlights the artist’s individual relationship to process and engagement, the physical interaction of surface and material and combines knowledge with the instinctual.

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James Guppy at Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre

- In Flagrante Delicto, 2016/17

30 September 2016 to 12 February 2017

A recent body of work by James Guppy exhibited at Brenda May Gallery in 2015 will be travelling to Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre for his solo exhibition 'In Flagrante Delicto'.

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Nicole Welch at Parliament House, Canberra

- Length and Breadth: new acquisitions from the Parliament House art collection, 2016

22 September to 13 November

Nicole Welch’s film “East West” is on view in the Presiding Officer’s Exhibition Area at Parliament House, Canberra in the exhibition Length and Breadth: new acquisitions from the Parliament House art collection

From the Flinders Ranges to the Darling Downs, Bathurst Harbour to Broken Hill, this exhibition features a selection of contemporary Australian artworks acquired by Parliament House since 2013. Focusing on images of landscape, both real and imagined, from across the vast Australian continent.

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Todd Fuller at Grafton Regional Gallery

- Storylines: Drawings from Near and Far, 2016

31 August to 22 October

Solo exhibition by Todd Fuller at Grafton Regional Gallery during his artist in residence with the gallery, in conjunction with 2016 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA).

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Catherine O'Donnell and Todd Fuller at Bendigo Art Gallery

- Paul Guest Prize, 2016

27 August to 16 October

The Paul Guest Prize is a non-acquisitive cash prize of $12,000 which is held every two years, highlighting contemporary drawing practice in Australia. The Prize was initiated by former Family Court Judge and Olympic rower, the Honourable Paul Guest QC and encourages artists from across Australia to engage with the important medium of drawing and to create challenging and unique art works.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Art Gallery of New South Wales

- Close to Home: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial, 2016

30 July to 11 December

This is the second in a series of curated exhibitions on contemporary Australian drawing at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Curated by Anne Ryan, it feature the work of six artists for whom drawing is a central part of their practice and whose work engages with narrative, memory and experience.

The artists are Jumaadi, Maria Kontis, Richard Lewer, Noel McKenna, Catherine O'Donnell, and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu.

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Todd Fuller at Glasshouse Regional Gallery

- Inside the Line, 2016

15 July to 28 August

Todd Fuller is a graduate of Sydney's National Art School. His practice integrates sculpture, animation, drawing, and painting to construct layered, multi-disciplinary narratives exploring themes of life, love, and loss. His films are hand-drawn and the thousands of stills each animation requires are painstakingly created one frame at a time.

Fuller has exhibited extensively internationally and locally, including Canberra's National Portrait Gallery and Deakin University among others. He has been awarded the Storrier/Onslow residency to the Cité International des Arts in Paris and the William Fletcher Travelling Fellowship to the British School at Rome. Fuller is represented by Brenda May Gallery.

A Glasshouse Regional Gallery Exhibition.

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Nicole Welch at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury, 2016

1 July to 14 August

Beginning in her home of Bathurst and finishing in Albury, NSW, Nicole Welch draws on historic archives and journals to create a series of hauntingly beautiful photographs and video works tracing colonial pathways into the eastern interior of New South Wales. The resulting images reveal the layered histories that inform our present-day relationship to country through the placement and projection of colonial era objects and words into the landscape.

Presented in partnership with Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

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Todd Fuller at Dark MOFO

- Neither Here Nor There, 2016

15 to 19 June

Presented by Constance ARI - Curated by Rebecca Holmes.

As a part of the Museum of Old and New Art's 'Dark MOFO' midwinter festival, Constance ARI presents 'Neither Here Nor There'. Taking place within the tunnels beneath Railway Roundabout (aka. Fountain Roundabout) in Hobart, this free display of creativity utilises the depth and darkness of this space.

Todd Fuller's newest hand-drawn film 'pink eclipse' was created in collaboration with Karin Chan. It animates the courtship between dog and moon. This unlikely love story was selected to be a part of MOFO's underground experience.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Fairfield Museum and Gallery

- Drawn in Fairfield, 2016

21 May to 6 August

My drawings are an exploration of the architecture; culture and history of the urban environment with a focus on the iconic 1960/70s architecture of the low income housing built around the middle of the 20th Century. At first glance the qualities of these utilitarian dwellings may not be evident as all too often these houses are not always given the same value as other housing and have become a cultural signifies of lower socioeconomic communities across Western Sydney.

I see the housing in these suburbs as full of connection and disconnection, sameness and difference; the structures I draw become signifiers of human existence, as well as memories, dreams and shared experiences. While my drawings may appear to be an attempt to make an objective representation of dwellings from Western Sydney housing, for me there is a deeper personal connection, which drives me to spend endless hours in the studio in an attempt to elevate these dwellings from the chaos of their surroundings, highlighting the abstract geometric qualities of the architecture, which I find so compelling.

Through my drawings I aim to extract both the sense of humanity that comes with the fact that people live in these buildings and the more formal aesthetics of these places. I employ realism as a catalyst to ignite the imagination of the viewer and invite them to look beyond the mundane and banal. To revisit these spaces imaginatively and find the aesthetic poetry embedded within the suburban landscape, while at the same time disrupting cultural prejudices which prevent people from seeing the underlying elegance of these simple buildings.

With this in mind The Drawn in Fairfield exhibition has focused my attention on the housing within the Fairfield LGA and for the first time has given me the opportunity to include interviews with the people who currently reside in these homes. The interviews were conducted with the help of Naomi McCarthy who invited the resident to share their experiences and memories of the house they live in. Some histories go back many years and others reflected on a shorter history, but all had their own unique story to tell about their time in their Fairfield homes.

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Catherine O'Donnell at NORTH Contemporary Art Space

- The 'F' Show, curated by Abdullah M.I. Syed, 2016

20 April to 7 May

The ‘F’ Show brings together a selection of female artists who have worked with and inspired the artist, designer and curator Abdullah M.I. Syed over the last decade. Showcasing works by emerging and established, local and international artists, the exhibition investigates a small cross section of contemporary female artists working today and provides a collective platform to reflect the value and legitimacy of such artists in Australia and beyond. The participating artists firmly challenge the status-quo of a capitalist art market which is often driven by male dominated power structures and has a vested interest in maintaining twentieth-century hierarchies. The artists’ strength and desire to bring change is the fuel for this exhibition.

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James Guppy at Orange Regional Gallery

- Best in Show: Dogs in Australian Art, 2016

9 April to 3 July

This major exhibition explores the diverse ways in which the dog has been presented in Australian art from colonial times until the present, revealing much about our deep bond with the animal and about ourselves.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

- Wait, Weep & Be Worthy: Women, The Home Front & War, 2016

1 April to 22 May

This exhibition brings the perspectives of contemporary artists to the role of women fighting on "the home front" in World War I, reflecting on their role in society at the time, and the nature of that particular war. Though some women were involved as nurses and in other active service duties, the expected role of most was to manage the home and raise children, while dealing with shortages, their fears for the future, and the grief and trauma of losing loved ones. This exhibition will also include historical artwork and objects, and a look at the role of organisations like the Red Cross and the Country Women's Association.

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Peter Tilley at Newcastle Art Gallery

- A DIRTY BUSINESS: Devine, Styan and Tilley, 2016

20 February to 15 May

"A Dirty Business" is a collaborative exhibition by local artists Andy Devine, Andrew Styan and Peter Tilley. Andy Devine and Peter Tilley have a particularly long history of working together with a focus on their conceptual similarities expressed through their individual art practices. The results are three dimensional collages, assembled from paintings, printing plates and objects either found or made. These objects and images have an apparent simplicity, however scratch the surface and they are richly symbolic and capable of multiple interpretations. Digital installation artist Andrew Styan streams live media to visualise the movements of coal ships in Newcastle harbour exploring the danger of coal in a mediated world. With images set in local and industrial landscapes, combined with personal and political narratives, this exhibition is both entrenched and excavated from, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

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BMG Artists in 'Just Draw'

- curated by Todd Fuller and Lisa Woolfe, 2016

Curators Todd Fuller and Lisa Woolfe have brought together artworks in a variety of mediums that reveal the multifaceted nature of contemporary drawing practices for 'Just Draw'. This exhibition includes an extensive program of workshops and classes. Represented artist Catherine O'Donnell's massive drawing 'Available for Public Hire' was selected from her personal collection, and the show also features Fuller's hand-drawn animation 'Little Star', with a number of drawings from the same suite.

Locations and dates:
Newcastle Art Gallery: 6 February - 1 May 2016
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery: 19 August - 2 October 2016

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BMG Artists at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre

- 'Patternation' curated by Carrie Kibler, 2015

12 December to 7 February

Human behaviour indicates that we have an innate desire to find regularity and order in what might otherwise be an experience of disorder and chaos. Repetitions, rhythms, sequences, codes and systems assist us to navigate pathways and make sense of the world. While pattern in art is often thought of as decorative and ornamental, this exhibition considers conceptual nature of pattern and its affinity with art, science, music and movement. Using diverse aesthetic strategies that employ painting, installation, video, performance and sculpture, the artists present new, site-specific and re-visited artworks that will engage audiences and provoke a reconsideration of our relationship with pattern.

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BMG Artists at Canberra Contemporary Art Space

- Colour Code, 2015

11 to 20 December

Represented artists Al Munro and Waratah Lahy are a part of a joint exhibition with Kirsten Farrell at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. This exhibition aims to explore notions of colour, line and light in different ways.

Catherine O'Donnell at Murray Art Museum Albury

- A Notion of Home, 2015/16

10 December 2015 to 7 February 2016

In her grandest works to date, 2012 Albury Art Prize winner Catherine O'Donnell's 'A Notion of Home' brings together two major works that will sheet the MAMA foyer this summer.

Treating architecture as the heroic subject, these large-scale drawings encourage viewers to delve into their own memories as O'Donnell brings to light our urban landscape and public housing estates.

In these works O'Donnell is interested in highlighting the iconic housing styles from these estates, elevating the underlying abstract principles of the buildings and situating them in a narrative about home design, suburbia and universal principles of order, as well as the impact of these things on the individual.

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Nicole Welch at Murray Art Museum Albury

- Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury, 2015

12 November to 13 December

Notions of 'beauty' and 'sublimity' are conjured when encountering the photographic and video work of Nicole Welch. Though it could be instinctive in the twenty-first century to consign the exceptional picturesque appeal of these works to a mastery of digital manipulation, Welch does not depend on such techniques. Instead, the artist traverses through areas of bushland, locating incredible landscapes to create compositions using large-scale projectors, generators, spotlights and research-inspired objects.

Living and working in the city of Bathurst, the importance of regional Australia and the surrounding landscape are visually reflected in Nicole's works. Her elegant photographic images of the Australian landscape celebrate regional centres, as she inserts historical objects into her art that encourage a consideration of place and time. The inclusion of these objects draws attention to the role of history in our understanding of today, as well as the importance of contemporary interpretations of historical ideologies.

The inserted historical objects exist as documentations of what was. In contrast, Nicole's cinematic photographs capture a sense of place that relates to the present. These works serve as a contemporary account of particular landscapes that will one-day transition into historical records for future audiences, as both time and our relationship with our surroundings will inevitably alter and progress.

Developed through the Hill End Artist in Residence Program, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and time spent in Albury in 2015.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Installation Contemporary

- Carriageworks, 2015

10 to 13 September

Mylyn Nguyen has been chosen by The Curator's Department to create an immersive installation at the 2015 edition of Sydney Contemporary.

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Exhibited Artists at Video Contemporary

- Carriageworks, 2015

10 to 13 September

Grayson Cooke, Nina Ross, and Claire Anna Watson have been selected by Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) for the Video Contemporary platform at the 2015 edition of Sydney Contemporary.

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Peter Tilley at Artbank

- Visible Storage, 2015

12 June to 29 August

Featuring 238 artworks by 154 artists; Indigenous and non-Indigenous from every state in Australia; emerging, mid-career and established - known and unknown - set against a 100% yellow backdrop!

"Visible Storage brings together works drawn from the recesses of Artbank's collection store. The title pays homage to a strategy by various international collecting institutions of building glass walls around storage areas to create a permanent 'exhibition' of racks and vitrines holding artworks that would be otherwise publicly unavailable. While most of Artbank's storage is designed to be publicly accessible, Visible Storage shines a light on works stored behind the scenes - not easily viewed. Curated by the Artbank team, this exhibition features select works we felt deserved to be shared with the public and granted a new lease on life."

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Carol Murphy at the National Art School


5 June to 8 August

Carol Murphy's sculpture 'Drink Me' was selected to exhibit in 'TURN TURN TURN: The Studio Ceramics Tradition at the National Art School'.

"TURN TURN TURN celebrated more than 60 years of the renowned ceramics course at the National Art School. The teaching of ceramics is an important part of inter-generational influence, and in Australia the NAS Ceramics department has a history of outstanding creativity... Curated by Glenn Barkley, TURN TURN TURN was not a definitive history but rather a loose delineation of ceramics practice. It came at an important time as ceramics is currently undergoing a form of interrogation and invigoration." - The Curator's Department

Curated by Glenn Barkley with Ivan Muñiz Reed.

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James Guppy at Tweed Regional Gallery

- Director's Choice: works from the collection

24 April 2015 to 5 June 2016

"With over 1,000 pieces in the collection, I have so many favourites. Choosing only some for an exhibition was a very difficult task. Spoilt for choice, I had several attempts at paring back my selections to create an exhibition which presents aesthetically, without overpowering the exhibition space.

There's no doubt that this exhibition is eclectic. It mirrors my love of history and narrative, both real and imagined. There's portraits and still lifes, abstraction and documentary works, all of which are executed with the artists' attention to detail which I so admire and respect. I've tried to cover each aspect of the Gallery's Accession Protocol which includes Australian portraiture, artists' prints, art works inspired by the Tweed region and works by artists of our region, and pieces by Margaret Olley and artworks by her contemporaries..."

- Susi Muddiman, Gallery Director, September 2014

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Nicole Welch at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- BRAG 200X200, 2015

27 March to 14 June

A BRAG B200 Project curated by Sarah Gurich and the BRAG Volunteer Gallery Guides

"Spanning the colonial portraits of Joseph Backler to the cutting edge contemporary practices of artists such as Joan Ross and Jonathan Jones, BRAG 200X200 features 200 paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, photographs, installations and new media works drawn from Bathurst Regional Art Gallery's permanent collection. From its genesis in 1955 with the acquisition of Jean Bellette's Still Life, BRAG's collection now comprises over 2,000 works valued at 8.6 million dollars. BRAG 200X200 showcases works of local and national significance by Australia's best known artists including: Russell Drysdale, Donald Friend, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Jeffrey Smart, Grace Cossington Smith, Tim Storrier, Lloyd Rees, Brett Whiteley, and Fred Williams." - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

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Sybil Curtis at QUT Art Museum

- Garden, 2015

14 March to 3 May

"...'Garden' takes its lead from the Enlightenment thinker Voltaire. After great adversity his famous novella character, Candide, comes to the conclusion that we must cultivate our garden. To find true meaning in life is to tend one's garden?on both a physical and metaphoric level. Garden brings together a selection of artwork that draws out the aesthetic, conceptual and therapeutic possibilities of the garden and explores why this reoccurring motif provides such a rich source of material for artists and their creative energies." - Queensland University of Technology

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Robert Boynes at Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra

- Velocity, 2014

14 November to 14 December

"This exhibition curated by Terence Maloon brings together paintings by Robert Boynes, Jon Cattapan and Derek O?Connor, video installations by Merilyn Fairskye and the British duo Semiconductor, and photographs by Gilbert Bel-Bachir, which prompt reflection on technology and the phenomena of speed." - Australian National University

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Peter Tilley, Touring Exhibition with Andy Devine

- Black Harvest

2014 to 2016

» Moree Plains Gallery - 1 November to 23 November 2014
» Cessnock Regional Art Gallery - 8 January to 1 February 2015
» The Glasshouse Port Macquarie - 13 February to 22 March 2015
» Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre - 23 April to 5 June 2016
» Manly Art Gallery and Museum - 1 July to 4 September 2016

"The collaborative 3D collages and sculptural pieces, assembled from paintings, printing plates and objects either found or made, embrace the idea that the works remain open to a multiplicity of meanings and interpretations. Duality of meaning is an aspect that we have consistently pursued and consciously incorporated in our work. There is an apparent simplicity to the objects and images yet they are richly symbolic and capable of multiple or contradictory interpretations. This is an area of primary importance to us both. The symbolism can be read as a metaphor for humankind's disregard for the natural world. There is also an undercurrent of the lived experience both of us have weathered before settling in Newcastle." - Peter Tilley

Before becoming a touring exhibition, this show was first exhibited at Cooks Hill Galleries, Newcastle and The Hunters Premier Art Gallery - 6 June to 1 July 2013

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Robert Boynes at Art Gallery of New South Wales

- Pop to Popism, 2014/15

1 November 2014 to 1 Mar 2015

Head Curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Wayne Tunnicliffe, brings to Sydney incredible works by local and international artists who either pioneered, contributed to or notably engaged with the Pop Art movement. Represented artist, Robert Boynes, has two major paintings featured in the 'Made in Oz' section.

"Spanning three decades from the mid 1950s to the 1980s, the exhibition traces the origins of pop art, its heady high period and its enduring legacy both in Australia and abroad. One of our most ambitious exhibitions ever, it will consume an entire Gallery floor and feature over 200 works" - Art Gallery of New South Wales, The movement that changed art forever.

... view exhibition

Peter Tilley at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi

- crossing the sky by boat, 2014

23 October to 9 November

Peter Tilley's work 'crossing the sky by boat' was selected for the 2014 edition of Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi.

Tilley was also inducted into the Decade Club at Sculpture by the Sea in 2014. The Decade Club was created to honour artists who have exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea for 10 years or more.

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Robert Boynes at Canberra Museum + Gallery

- PULSE: Reflections on the body

18 October 2014 to 22 February 2015

PULSE: Reflections on the body asks us to consider three vital questions:

What are the constituent elements of the human body What relationship do these have to our health, and to pathology? What drives us to define what is a "normal body" And ultimately, how do our views on the body inform what we think it is to be human?

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Nicole Welch at Penrith Regional Gallery

- Green, 2014

30 August to 16 November

"The 'Illumination' works began when I was an artist-in-residence at Hill End in 2010. The archetypal Australian landscape that I encountered was overwhelmingly felt, along with the colonial histories imbued within. My ancestry is strongly connected to this region, dating to pre-1850 when my ancestors arrived to secure pastoral leases on 'uncharted' land. These personal family histories, the broader history of the region and the European idealism projected upon this landscape became the focus this new work" - Nicole Welch, 2013

"...'Green' explores the intersection between nature and culture, presenting artworks that shine the lens of artistic enquiry on the environment, in particular the symbiotic relationship between the man-made and the natural." - Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

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BMG Artists at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

- Kitchenalia, 2014

28 August to 11 October

"Who dosen't cook or hang out in the kitchen? With cooking shows and competitions flooding our TV screens, we all fancy ourselves as culinary experts. So we decided to find a group of artists who work with the Kitchen theme: pots, pans, utensils, white goods, wrapping, eating, just drawing, painting or sculpting associated kitchen things and bring you this eclectic mix of media? From the delightful and surprising to plain old weird, you will find it in Kitchenalia." - Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

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Nicole Welch at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- The Third Wave: Two Decades of the Hill End Artists in Residence Program, 2014

1 August to 28 September

"The Artists of Hill End 1947 to Present collection area was initiated in 1994 in response to the major exhibition The Artists of Hill End - Art, Life and Landscape held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1994 and the subsequent development of the Hill End Artists in Residence Program. This focus collection, which encompasses three generations of artists who have lived and worked in Hill End, aims to highlight the connection between the landscape of the region, its history, and its powerful influence on the development of Australian painting." - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

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Tanmaya Bingham at Ostrale'O14

- 8th International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Dresden

18 July to 27 September

"OSTRALE'014 is open to the world Around You. It seeks to change the way we see the world and to sharpen our awareness of the things that are going on close to us. It wants to find out who we are and what it is that holds us together as a society, as political citizens, as art lovers, as elements of nature and as whole nations. For centuries, art has been a catalyst for change and a way of reflecting our opinions ? either through the lens of fiction, surrealism or real life. Art raises important questions, builds bridges and encourages us to get involved.

The OSTRALE thus deliberately focuses on artistic positions that, both in Dresden and further afield, question, move, confuse and unite. We believe that by recognising different identities and modes of expression and by putting them on an equal footing as topics for discussion within contemporary society, we can help make Europe more cosmopolitan and open-minded." - OSTRALE

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Al Munro at Penrith Regional Gallery

- Colour and Light, 2014

31 May to 24 August

This group show investigated the phenomena of colour and light through a scientific and an artistic lens. Al Munro's 'Molecular Measure' series was on view as a part of this exhibition.

"These works are the result of a number of discussions with Waratah Lahy about the areas in which our interests connect. Waratah was working on a series of paintings of street and garden scenes framed and distorted by ornate window panes. These formed patterned grids, very similar to the molecular and crystallographic grids which have informed my work for the last few years. We chose to begin our In Tandem works using a crytsalline shape from a series of brooches I has made in 2012, and to focus on ideas of grids, structure and space.

My works began with a number of drawings, but soon moved into a constructed form using the balsa wood to allow me to explore ideas of structure and construction. The resultant works make use of stripes that mimic a scientific colour code or system of measurement and make reference to the constructed-ness of a scientific understanding of the natural world. The works reference diagrams, but replace the conventional black and white line work with brightly coloured, glittering stripes, reinvesting the forms with some of the variety and vivdness present in natural specimens." - Al Munro

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Al Munro at ANU School of Art Gallery

- Chat: Australia/Thai Art Exchange, 2014

4 April to 3 May

"This exhibition marks a two-decade history of artistic and academic exchanges between the ANU School of Art and Chiang Mai University?s Faculty of Fine Art. The six Australian artist-academics represented here have undertaken a number of residencies and visits to Thailand, and have participated in exhibitions alongside their Thai counterparts. This process of exchange, inaugurated between the then Canberra School of Art and Chiang Mai University in the early 1990s, has continued to underline the importance of collegial links between Australian and Asian art communities." - Dr Chaitanya Sambrani, 'The importance of being chatty', CHAT catalogue, 2014 - http://bit.ly/1LOnAXS

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James Guppy at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

- EFFLORESCENT - A Contemporary Take, 2014

31 January to 12 April

Efflorescent is definitely not just about a vase of flowers. A contemporary take on a floral exhibition, it looks at the many ways artists are moved to create works from their connection with flora, whether it is a literal representation, a borrowing of an organic form or the use of plant materials as a medium.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Sydney Town Hall

- Crossing Boundaries, 2014

22 January to 9 February

A celebration of contemporary Asian Australian art as a part of the Chinese New Year festival produced by the City of Sydney. Curated by Catherine Croll.

"One day I was told I should have been a pig and that dogs are noble and should have been my brother. I was told that dragons shouldn?t like me but it didn?t matter as one day karma would turn me into a bird and then a snail. I was told monkeys would protect me from snakes and whales would save me from drowning. Naturally I thought I would marry a rooster but I was told I would fall in love with a horse. I was told that my mole would stop horses from finding me and that parting my hair in the middle would make my monkey and pig hate each other.

Ponytail is a body of work that explores the animals that I have hidden behind, accepted my fate with and live my life fearing. " - Mylyn Nguyen

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Art Stage Singapore

- Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, 2014

16 to 19 January

This year, Brenda May Gallery will be presenting Mylyn Nguyen's installation, 'Bombus', comprised of about one thousand, life-sized bumblebees, intricately crafted out of hand-painted, cut and folded paper, at Art Stage Singapore. Each bumblebee sits atop a fine clear acrylic strand with a perspex base, constructed so that the slightest breeze or even a breath causes the colony to "hover". As one would expect of a bumblebee, they have a furry, black and yellow striped back, however Nguyen's tiny creatures may also have a tiny green strip of lawn and some even carry minute, cut-out, watercolour houses, complete with driveways and trees.

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James Guppy: Touring Survey Exhibition auspiced by Tweed River Art Gallery

- Seduction and Subversion: the art of James Guppy 1989-2009

2009 - 2011

» Tweed River Art Gallery - 2 October to 15 November 2009.
» Ipswich Art Gallery - 28 November 2009 to 17 January 2010.
» Bathurst Regional Art Gallery - 5 February to 21 March 2010.
» Manning Regional Art Gallery - 9 April to 23 May 2010.
» Wollongong City Gallery - 4 June to 25 July 2010.
» Orange Regional Art Gallery - 6 August to 19 September 2010.
» Logan Art Gallery - 13 October to 13 November 2010.
» Manly Art Gallery & Museum - 3 December 2010 to 30 January 2011.
» Coffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery - 11 February to 15 April 2011.
» Albury Regional Art Gallery - 6 May to 26 June 2011.

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Melbourne Art Fair 2008

- Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, 2008

30 July to 3 August

Once again, the Gallery will be travelling to Melbourne to take part in the Melbourne Art Fair. The Art Fair showcases the best in contemporary Australian and international art with only the leading commercial galleries invited to exhibit.

The Art Fair, a not for profit organisation, remains the only internationally renowned exhibition of its type to take place in Australia and we are delighted to exhibit here once again.

Image: Melbourne Art Fair 2008, photograph by David Marks

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