2002 Brenda May Gallery EXHIBITIONS

Birthday Exhibition

- curated group exhibition, 2002

10 to 21 December

Helle Jorgensen

12 November to 7 December

Ken Villa

- Players and Pushers, Pushers and Players, 2002

22 October to 9 November

in association with Sydney 2002 Gay Games

An installation focused on questions of meaning and ideology in communication. It looks at propaganda and the weight of words in the 'public' imagination. At a time when complex issues are dealt with expediently through the dissemination of brief slogan-type rhetoric, our system seems to dissuade discourse and capitalise on security by turning fear into a commodity.

Rachel Ellis

- Painting and Drawing, 2002

24 September to 19 October

Hadyn Wilson

- Plough & Song, 2002

27 August to 21 September

Carol Murphy

- Primitif, 2002

30 July to 24 August

Staff Show

-Carla Priivald, Andrew Best and Helen Mueller, 2002

2 to 27 July

Self Portrait Exhibition

- curated group exhibition, 2002

4 to 29 June

Barbara Licha

- Desire, 2002

7 May to 1 June

Three Colours - Red

- curated group exhibition, 2002

10 April to 4 May

'Red' is the first exhibition in the trilogy of 'Red, Blue and White'. The title was originally conceived for a broad interpretation, however it has been left up to the artist and their personal perception - whether littoral or in an abstract or metaphorical sense.

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New Objects/New Things (Part 1)

- Object based, 2002

13 February to 9 March

New Objects/New Things (Part 2)

- Painting/Drawing based, 2002

13 March to 6 April

Sculpture 2002

- Jim Croke 'Shelf Life', 2002

16 January to 9 February


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