2015 External EXHIBITIONS

BMG Artists at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre

BMG Artists at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre

12 December to 7 February

Human behaviour indicates that we have an innate desire to find regularity and order in what might otherwise be an experience of disorder and chaos. Repetitions, rhythms, sequences, codes and systems assist us to navigate pathways and make sense of the world. While pattern in art is often thought of as decorative and ornamental, this exhibition considers conceptual nature of pattern and its affinity with art, science, music and movement. Using diverse aesthetic strategies that employ painting, installation, video, performance and sculpture, the artists present new, site-specific and re-visited artworks that will engage audiences and provoke a reconsideration of our relationship with pattern.

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BMG Artists at Canberra Contemporary Art Space

- Colour Code, 2015

11 to 20 December

Represented artists Al Munro and Waratah Lahy are a part of a joint exhibition with Kirsten Farrell at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. This exhibition aims to explore notions of colour, line and light in different ways.

Catherine O'Donnell at Murray Art Museum Albury

- A Notion of Home, 2015/16

10 December 2015 to 7 February 2016

In her grandest works to date, 2012 Albury Art Prize winner Catherine O'Donnell's 'A Notion of Home' brings together two major works that will sheet the MAMA foyer this summer.

Treating architecture as the heroic subject, these large-scale drawings encourage viewers to delve into their own memories as O'Donnell brings to light our urban landscape and public housing estates.

In these works O'Donnell is interested in highlighting the iconic housing styles from these estates, elevating the underlying abstract principles of the buildings and situating them in a narrative about home design, suburbia and universal principles of order, as well as the impact of these things on the individual.

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Nicole Welch at Murray Art Museum Albury

- Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury, 2015

12 November to 13 December

Notions of 'beauty' and 'sublimity' are conjured when encountering the photographic and video work of Nicole Welch. Though it could be instinctive in the twenty-first century to consign the exceptional picturesque appeal of these works to a mastery of digital manipulation, Welch does not depend on such techniques. Instead, the artist traverses through areas of bushland, locating incredible landscapes to create compositions using large-scale projectors, generators, spotlights and research-inspired objects.

Living and working in the city of Bathurst, the importance of regional Australia and the surrounding landscape are visually reflected in Nicole's works. Her elegant photographic images of the Australian landscape celebrate regional centres, as she inserts historical objects into her art that encourage a consideration of place and time. The inclusion of these objects draws attention to the role of history in our understanding of today, as well as the importance of contemporary interpretations of historical ideologies.

The inserted historical objects exist as documentations of what was. In contrast, Nicole's cinematic photographs capture a sense of place that relates to the present. These works serve as a contemporary account of particular landscapes that will one-day transition into historical records for future audiences, as both time and our relationship with our surroundings will inevitably alter and progress.

Developed through the Hill End Artist in Residence Program, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and time spent in Albury in 2015.

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Ashleigh Garwood at Australian Centre for Photography

- The Alchemists: Rediscovering photography in the age of the jpeg, 2015

31 October to 6 December 2015

An inspiring exhibition that examines the return of analogue photographic techniques in contemporary art. Artists from Australia, Japan, Thailand and New Zealand, will present hybrid experimental practices and engage audiences in captivating discussions around the materiality of photography and the creative relationship between analogue and digital. This is a collaboration between Sydney College of the Arts and The Australian National University and is accompanied by a symposium and masterclass at the National Gallery of Australia.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Installation Contemporary

- Carriageworks, 2015

10 to 13 September

Mylyn Nguyen has been chosen by The Curator's Department to create an immersive installation at the 2015 edition of Sydney Contemporary.

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Exhibited Artists at Video Contemporary

- Carriageworks, 2015

10 to 13 September

Grayson Cooke, Nina Ross, and Claire Anna Watson have been selected by Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) for the Video Contemporary platform at the 2015 edition of Sydney Contemporary.

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Peter Tilley at Artbank

- Visible Storage, 2015

12 June to 29 August

Featuring 238 artworks by 154 artists; Indigenous and non-Indigenous from every state in Australia; emerging, mid-career and established - known and unknown - set against a 100% yellow backdrop!

"Visible Storage brings together works drawn from the recesses of Artbank's collection store. The title pays homage to a strategy by various international collecting institutions of building glass walls around storage areas to create a permanent 'exhibition' of racks and vitrines holding artworks that would be otherwise publicly unavailable. While most of Artbank's storage is designed to be publicly accessible, Visible Storage shines a light on works stored behind the scenes - not easily viewed. Curated by the Artbank team, this exhibition features select works we felt deserved to be shared with the public and granted a new lease on life."

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Carol Murphy at the National Art School


5 June to 8 August

Carol Murphy's sculpture 'Drink Me' was selected to exhibit in 'TURN TURN TURN: The Studio Ceramics Tradition at the National Art School'.

"TURN TURN TURN celebrated more than 60 years of the renowned ceramics course at the National Art School. The teaching of ceramics is an important part of inter-generational influence, and in Australia the NAS Ceramics department has a history of outstanding creativity... Curated by Glenn Barkley, TURN TURN TURN was not a definitive history but rather a loose delineation of ceramics practice. It came at an important time as ceramics is currently undergoing a form of interrogation and invigoration." - The Curator's Department

Curated by Glenn Barkley with Ivan Muñiz Reed.

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James Guppy at Tweed Regional Gallery

- Director's Choice: works from the collection

24 April 2015 to 5 June 2016

"With over 1,000 pieces in the collection, I have so many favourites. Choosing only some for an exhibition was a very difficult task. Spoilt for choice, I had several attempts at paring back my selections to create an exhibition which presents aesthetically, without overpowering the exhibition space.

There's no doubt that this exhibition is eclectic. It mirrors my love of history and narrative, both real and imagined. There's portraits and still lifes, abstraction and documentary works, all of which are executed with the artists' attention to detail which I so admire and respect. I've tried to cover each aspect of the Gallery's Accession Protocol which includes Australian portraiture, artists' prints, art works inspired by the Tweed region and works by artists of our region, and pieces by Margaret Olley and artworks by her contemporaries..."

- Susi Muddiman, Gallery Director, September 2014

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Nicole Welch at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- BRAG 200X200, 2015

27 March to 14 June

A BRAG B200 Project curated by Sarah Gurich and the BRAG Volunteer Gallery Guides

"Spanning the colonial portraits of Joseph Backler to the cutting edge contemporary practices of artists such as Joan Ross and Jonathan Jones, BRAG 200X200 features 200 paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, photographs, installations and new media works drawn from Bathurst Regional Art Gallery's permanent collection. From its genesis in 1955 with the acquisition of Jean Bellette's Still Life, BRAG's collection now comprises over 2,000 works valued at 8.6 million dollars. BRAG 200X200 showcases works of local and national significance by Australia's best known artists including: Russell Drysdale, Donald Friend, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Jeffrey Smart, Grace Cossington Smith, Tim Storrier, Lloyd Rees, Brett Whiteley, and Fred Williams." - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

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Sybil Curtis at QUT Art Museum

- Garden, 2015

14 March to 3 May

"...'Garden' takes its lead from the Enlightenment thinker Voltaire. After great adversity his famous novella character, Candide, comes to the conclusion that we must cultivate our garden. To find true meaning in life is to tend one's garden?on both a physical and metaphoric level. Garden brings together a selection of artwork that draws out the aesthetic, conceptual and therapeutic possibilities of the garden and explores why this reoccurring motif provides such a rich source of material for artists and their creative energies." - Queensland University of Technology

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