Carol Murphy

- 50's Shell, 2004

16 November to 11 December

"This exhibition draws inspiration from the shell vases popular in the 1950s, known as 'studio ware'. They were often the product of small workshops with a limited mould run, identified only by an initial or mould number."

"Working directly from the 'ware' that friends and I have collected, my intention is to enlarge and re-work the forms, linking them back to my own work. The process will involve making a new series of moulds and then researching the glazes and techniques appropriate to the period. A particular interest is to develop a stucco-like ceramic finish."

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Leslie Oliver + Sokquon Tran

- Another Way Home, 2004

16 November to 11 December

2004 - Sallie Moffatt

Sallie Moffatt

- In Situ, 2004

19 October to 13 November

Drawn and painted in situ, this body of work respects diverse aspects of various Realist traditions:
the tonal logic of the European Renaissance;
the succinct expression of Japanese ink painting;
the rhythmic responsiveness of contemporary Indigenous painting;
the coherent individualism of Cezanne?s ?neoclassical Impressionism?;
and the considered immediacy of English Ashcan painting.

The common thread throughout these ?Realisms? is the search for integration between paint, painted and painter.
2004 - Hadyn Wilson

Hadyn Wilson

- Small Lessons In A Non-linear World, 2004

19 October to 13 November

"Much of my painting over the years have represented an ongoing interest in how we connect to our environment and what sort of magic we can conjure from that relationship. We question the nature of reality and how that might be represented visually and it would seem that even something as transitory and ephemeral as a thought has as much validity as an object in the world as a vase or a brick wall, as some contemporary ideas in physics testify."

Melbourne Art Fair 2004

- Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, 2004

29 September to 3 October

The Gallery will be travelling to Melbourne to take part in the Melbourne Art Fair. The Art Fair showcases the best in contemporary Australian and international art with only the leading commercial galleries invited to exhibit.

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2004 - Barbara Licha

Barbara Licha

- Brush, Wire and Fantasy, 2004

21 September to 16 October

"I would like to continue my ongoing research into the complexity of human conditions and the multiplicity of human behaviour. I wish to concentrate more on the power of lines and colour that describe spirit and energy of my observation. I hope that the 'Brush, Wire and Fantasy' exhibition will assist me to accomplish this. Through my works I not only wish to invoke memories in the viewer, but also to provoke thoughts."

Peter Tilley

- Cast Adrift, 2004

24 August to 18 September

"These assemblages have evolved from the exhibition 'Adrift in a Small Vessel'. My intention is to expand on the tableau composition and further investigate the juxtaposition of 'out of scale' and sometimes mundane objects with vessel forms to achieve groupings rich in metaphoric potential. The inclusion of symbolically important materials and some discarded objects will enrich and imbue deeper meaning within the works."

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2004 - Sue Gill

Sue Gill

- Wilderness, 2004

24 August to 18 September

Jim Croke

- Back to the Wall, 2004

27 July to 21 August

"The exhibition is likely to contain work that is predominately relief sculpture, non representational and made of both steel and wood. The scale of the work will vary a great deal from pieces a couple of metres long to small personal scale sculpture. There may also be a few sculptures in the round."

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Sybil Curtis

- Shadows Under the Stairs, 2004

29 June to 24 July

"No matter how large an industrial structure, stairs and ladders are needed to allow access. They reflect the human scale and add delicacy and patterns to the most severe utilitarian building. Stairs cast complex shadows and it is darker beneath them. Are they going up or down?"

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Angela Macdougall

- Gone to Seed, 2004

29 June to 24 July

"The work combines a study of the plant world and its relationship with the human existence (represented by the figure). The power struggle between the two are juxtaposed with a harmonious grace. Aspects of the botanical explored are sensuality, fertility, perfection and simplicity. These contrast with the seemingly complex human existence. Complexities that are passed on from one generation to the next evolve and in so doing, develop an attachment to the past."

Robert Boynes

- Speculations, 2004

1 to 26 June

"Each image contains the implication of a narrative, conveyed by the movement of figures, the way in which they relate and the noise of the urban environment.I would like the the works to engage the viewer in a fiction and a speculative moment."

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Helen Mueller

- Water, 2004

4 to 29 May

"I am drawn to water: the ever- changing calligraphy offered up by its surface, its mysterious depth which is sometimes pure clarity and sometimes murky darkness, the way it fashions and re-fashions its bed and its banks, the traces it leaves behind, its horizon. The work in this exhibition aims to reflect my engagement with water as a substance which embodies shifts and change, and which stands as a metaphor for perspective and vision."

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Carla Priivald

- Painting/Drawing, 2004

4 to 29 May

"The works show a relationship between the representational and the non specific, where a conflict between the 'real' and the 'unreal' is explored. Some are graphic and illusionistic, while others are made from a chaotic scribbled language immersed in scientific hypothesis, myth and symbol. The overall message concerns the vast possibilities offered through 'new' science and technology, as well as physical concepts relating to order, chaos and space."

Three Colours - White

- curated group exhibition, 2004

6 April to 1 May

'White' is the final exhibition in the trilogy of 'Red, Blue and White'. The title was originally conceived for a broad interpretation, however it has been left up to the artist and their personal perception - whether littoral or in an abstract or metaphorical sense.

Amongst an outstanding selection of works for 'Blue' in 2003, was a rather melancholy drawing from Sallie Moffatt, a realist drawing of a Blue Heeler from Helle Jorgensen, and an installation of seventy porcelain vessels from Liz Stops in varying shades of blue. White should again prove to be an entertaining and enjoyable exhibition.

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Lezlie Tilley

- A Narrative of Infinite Possibilities, 2004

9 March to 3 April

"The current series of works are a direct response to a recent tour of Darwin and Kakadu. The fragility of much of the landscape resonates throughout the installations. Titled, A Narrative of Infinite Possibilities, the works attempt to express first impression, originally documented as journal notations, of an old and difficult environment and the many images and sensations that demand a response."

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James Guppy

- The Hidden: Two series of works that examine aspects of the Forbidden in society, 2004

10 February to 6 March

"The Peeping Box series is about the predatory gaze with both the artist and viewer as Peeping Tom. Inside these boxes are my contemplations on forbidden behaviour. Contemporary secular culture prides itself on its tolerance of a great deal that was previously proscribed; yet even a cursory glance reveals the many taboos that surround us: about sex, children, age, death, bodily functions and violence. These works are an initial exploration of the dark secrets that we should not look at."

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Sculpture 2004

- Paper, Rock, Scissors, 2004

13 January to 7 February

Following on from the success of the annual Sculpture show started at Access Gallery in 1998, once again more than twenty galleries across Sydney feature a diverse range of three dimensional work during the months of January and February.

Our exhibition this year is titled Paper, Rock Scissors. As well as showcasing sculpture from our own artists, we have invited a number of artists working in collaboration to make work for this interesting project.

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