2017 External EXHIBITIONS

Blacktown City Art Prize

- Finalist, represented artist Al Munro

2 December 2017 - 27 January 2018

Ashleigh Garwood at Artspace

- 2017 NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship

8 November to 9 December

Todd Fuller at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- The Unflinching Gaze: Photo Media & the Male Figure, curated by Richard Perram OAM, 2017

14 October to 3 December

The Unflinching Gaze: photo media & the male figure is a major exhibition of over 200 photographs and video works by 62 artists (24 Australian and 38 international) and deals with how the male figure has been represented in photo media over the past 140 years.

The exhibition is curated by Richard Perram OAM, Director Of BRAG, an openly gay man, who brings his "queer" gaze to his selection of images of historic and contemporary photography and film. The exhibition is also an important opportunity to inform and educate the Bathurst community and affirm the local LGBTI community.

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Catherine O'Donnell and Nicole Welch at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

- Go West, 2017

13 October to 3 December

Nicole Welch at Murray Art Museum Albury

- 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition, 2017

14 September to 22 October

The Windmill Trust supports the professional arts practice of rural and regional artists with an annual scholarship program. The 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition follows the career journeys of past scholarship winners, highlighting the growing confidence of individual artists, and the evolution of their individual arts practice.

The exhibition brings together a variety of work including sculpture, print, oil and watercolour paintings, video performance, and photography.

Artists featured in the exhibition include: Camille Kersley, Christine McMillan, Stephanie Jones, Sarra Robertson, Tom Doherty, Jonathan Throsby, Sandra McMahon, Samantha Small, Rachel Ellis, Andy Townsend, Craig Cameron, Tracy Luff, Jane Lander, Nicole Welch, Bradley Hammond, Sally Williams, James Blackwell, Rochelle Summerfield, Harrie Fasher, Duke Albada.

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Ashleigh Garwood at Western Plains Cultural Centre

- Another Green World: Landscape of the 21st Century, curated by Dr Andrew Frost, 2017

26 August to 3 December

A growing number of recent academic and philosophical writing has concerned itself with the notion of the anthropocene, the proclamation of a new geological period brought about by humankind's effect on the planet, from the effects of global warming to ocean pollution to the industrialisation of developing nations. Another Green World is an exhibition that surveys the concept of an art of the landscape in the contemporary era, encompassing painting, video, installation, sculpture, photography, conceptual practices and performance, by a selection of female contemporary artists both emerging and established. The exhibited works will encompass an historical consciousness of the landscape genre both from Western and Indigenous traditions as well as being open speculation about the future of the biosphere itself. Another Green World is curated by Andrew Frost.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Customs House Sydney

- Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct 2017

17 August 2017 to 18 March 2018

Urbanised and sprawling, Sydney is deeply urbane yet paradoxically wild. A secret city of animals, both seen and unseen, exists amongst us. We are coupled and tethered to the animal world in a symbiotic relationship that stretches from the present into the past.

Birds sweep through our skies and pick at our waste, cats rule social media networks, dogs are preened and prepped, and rats scurry endlessly within close proximity. Animals are depicted through deeply symbolic decoration, from public art to architectural motifs. Yet this relationship is often overlooked.

Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct approaches the idea of the animal in the city in various ways from the humorous to the downright creepy, from the symbolically sacred to the secular.

The exhibition, curated by Holly Williams and Glenn Barkley, will feature objects drawn from the City of Sydney collection and archives alongside artworks by four Sydney-based artists: Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Blak Douglas, Mylyn Nguyen and Garry Trinh.

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Robert Boynes at ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra

- Modern Times, 2017

22 June to 13 August

Robert Boynes's images correspond to the classic definition of modernity given by Baudelaire, who said that modern images fused the eternal with the transitory.

The luminous expanses of white canvas breathing through grainy residues of black, red and yellow in Boynes's paintings symbolise the constancy of time and space in relation to the mortal dust of individual existence.

Derived from contemporary photographs which evoke alienation, cosmopolitism, displacement and the speeding-up of events in both private and public spheres, the reduction of all to floating grains and scattered molecules creates a sober, essentially tragic vision of contemporary existence.

The fifteen year period covered by this survey, curated by Terence Maloon, is the remarkable culmination of a career which began in Adelaide in the 1960s, and makes a resume of of Boynes's lifelong preoccupations.

Robert Boynes was the head of the Painting Workshop at the ANU School of Art between 1978 and 2006. The School of Art is celebrating its fortieth year in 2017.

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Peter Tilley at Newcastle Art Gallery

- The Phantom Show, 2017

10 June to 20 August

In March 1977 the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery officially opened to the public as one of the first purpose built contemporary regional Art Galleries in Australia. On the 1st September of that same year the exhibition Ghost who walks never can die was held, a celebration of pop art inspired by the long running Phantom comics. In 2017 the Gallery's 40th anniversary of the Ghost who walks returns to Newcastle as THE PHANTOM SHOW curated by Peter Kingston and Dietmar Lederwasch.

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Todd Fuller at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- Icarus of the Hill, 2017

9 June to 30 July

Todd Fuller's hand drawn films have been captivating audiences since 2010. His unique style of animation combines analogue filmmaking methodologies with drawing and painting techniques. In March 2017 Todd participated in the Hill End Artist in Residence program. During this time he created the animation Icarus of the Hill, which combines his experiences with imagery from Australian Art History around the site and Greek mythology. The resulting body of work explores this significant place, its history and our relationship to it.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Western Plains Cultural Centre

- Close to Home: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial, 2017

6 May to 2 July

The second Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial bring together the drawings of Jumaadi, Maria Kontis, Richard Lewer, Noel McKenna, Catherine O'Donnell and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu. Collectively they investigate the possibilities of the medium to express complex themes that resonate on both a personal and a shared level. The WPCC is the only venue outside of Sydney to host this exhibition.

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Waratah Lahy at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka

- Three Hundred and Sixty Six, 2017

27 April to 7 May

"Three hundred and sixty six" is the outcome of a yearlong drawing project focussing on patterns and rhythms in daily life. The exhibition is comprised of 366 drawings, one for each day of 2016, charting a journey of actively engaging and recording an aspect of everyday life. The aim of the project was to deliberately capture a moment, scene or thought that encapsulated the main focus of the day.

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Robert Boynes at ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra

- 10 Years of Collecting Art for the ANU, 2017

21 April to 28 May

Over the last decade, the University Art Collection has been substantially enriched with gifts, bequests and purchases.

The Collection also traces the history of the ANU School of Art and Design, now celebrating its fortieth year, with a selection of works by outstanding graduating students.

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Nicole Welch at Cementa17

- Contemporary Arts Festival: Kandos NSW, 2017

6 to 9 April

4 days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, photography, installation and ceramics.

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Nicole Welch at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

- Wildēornes Land, 2017

1 April to 7 May

Nicole Welch's Wildēornes Land is an ambitious, monumental cinematic exhibition combining installation, photography and moving image that investigates the Blue Mountains wilderness from a historical, cultural and ecological viewpoint. The exhibition draws upon archival records that illuminate early European's romantic notions of Australian wilderness juxtaposed with contemporary ideas and concerns that reflect the inherent loss and uncertainty we now face for our natural environment.

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Nicole Welch at Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

- Hill End: Seven Decades, 2017

4 March to 21 May

Hill End: Seven Decades traces seventy years of artistic response to the historic Australian gold-mining township of Hill End, NSW. Drawn from Bathurst Regional Art Gallery’s substantial permanent collection, the exhibition features paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs from three generations of Australian artists who have been inspired by the historically charged landscape and remnant architecture of Hill End.

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Mylyn Nguyen at Murray Art Museum Albury

- Found, 2017

24 January to 10 December

'Found' aims to develop the idea of 'Art by Accident' by utilising commonplace objects in their everyday settings with an added moss garden, beetle party and water droplet turn fish pond. Each peep box will feature a different everyday scene/object (kitchen pantry: a moth's party place, desk: a beetles home, footpath: moss garden, linen closet: clouds, shoes: fish pond) embellished with miniature scenes. The aim is to acknowledge what children often see within the ordinary and to remind us of what adults often forget or deem unimportant.

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