2018 External EXHIBITIONS

Catherine O'Donnell at Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

- The Ideal Home, 2018-2019

1 December to 24 March

The Ideal Home presents a history of the 20th century Australian home told through household objects, furniture and design classics from the MAAS Collection.

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Waratah Lahy at M16 Drawing Prize, 2018

- Featuring represented artist Waratah Lahy

29 November to 14 December 2018

Congratulation to Waratah Lahy, winner of this year's M16 Drawing Prize with her work 5 days at Jigamy Farm (2018).

The M16 Drawing Prize is for drawing in either traditional media and techniques, or non-traditional works that extend understanding of what drawing may be within contemporary art practice. 

5 days at Jigamy Farm (2018) is the resulting work from a field studies group from the Australian National University School of Art & Design. Waratah Lahy undertook research on the Bundian Way, an ancient Aboriginal pathway running between Mount Kosciuszko and Twofold Bay, Eden.

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A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship and Art Prize, 2018

- Featuring represented artist Catherine O'Donnell

24 November to 9 December 2018

Catherine O'Donnell has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship and Art Prize, Glen Eira City Council Gallery, for her work Descent (2017). The A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship and Art Prize is awarded biennially to Australian artists who have demonstrated talent and achievement in traditional styles. This includes realist, figurative and representational styles.

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Nicole Welch at Artstate Bathurst

- Mementos + Transformation, 2018

1 to 4 November

As a part of the Artstate Bathurst Arts Program, Central West artist Nicole Welch is exhibiting two new works; Transformation and Mementos.

The moving image work Transformation is the latest installment in Nicole Welch’s ongoing Self series, which was initiated as part of her Illumination works in 2012. In this sequence Welch uses her body as a apparatus for exploring the symbiotic relationship humans have with the natural world and the fragility and strength of both. As a continuation of these themes the Transformation footage sees the artist engage directly with the natural world through a waterfall; a universal symbol of renewal, healing and ultimately, transformation.

Mementos is a series of photographs of sceneries packaged as a set of small keepsakes, reminiscent of souvenirs. The miniature scenes captured reveal the unseen landscapes of the Central West New South Wales. The localities documented are lessor known natural environments of the region, the places passing tourists may be unaware of, the concealed treasures.Photographed using infrared cameras and technology with minimal post production, the light and colour spectrum captured and revealed is undetectable and unseen by the human eye, resulting in an unnatural hyperreal landscapes.

The artist acknowledges and gives thanks to the Wiradjuri, the traditional custodians of the land of the Central West of New South Wales and pays her respects to Elders both past and present.

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Peter Tilley at Sculpture by the Sea

- The Undiscovered, 2018

18 October to 4 November

Nicole Welch at Glasshouse Regional Gallery

- Silence & Solitude: select works from Eastern Interiors, 2018

12 October to 2 December

Robert Boynes in Contour 556

- Canberra, 2018

5 to 28 October

Contour 556 is a free public art event over three weeks presenting artworks and performances by 60 artists in the world famous public realm and national cultural icons around Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra. It is unique in the field of public sculpture and performance events as it takes place in a consciously designed and culturally layered landscape, in one of only three designed capital cities.

The event reinforces the beauty of the designed landscape, and recognises landscapes hidden from view through design.  It presents stories of Australia political, cultural and physical history. It includes stories from all Australians, from our past and our future.

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Peter Tilley at Sculpture on the Farm

- public sculpture exhibition, 2018

28 September to 1 October

Sculpture on the Farm Inc is a not-for-profit exhibition which will direct profit to the promotion of public sculpture and the acquisition of public sculpture for the Dungog Shire, thus enhancing the experience of rural life for residents and visitors alike.

Peter Tilley at Maitland Regional Art Gallery

- Concerning Peace, 2018

25 August to 25 November

The exhibition was conceived by artists/curators Eric and Robyn Werkhoven in response to the present hostile world events.Twenty seven professional visual artists have been invited to express, interpret and explore their belief for world peace. The exhibition will include all genres of the visual arts – painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, Video installation.

We all want a peaceful world, is it possible?
Is humanity spiralling into insanity?

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Todd Fuller and Catherine O'Donnell at National Art School

- National Art – Part One, 2018

14 August to 27 October

Waratah Lahy at School of Art & Design Gallery ANU

- Painting Amongst Other Things, 2018

10 August to 12 September

This multi-venue exhibition and symposium project addresses the idea of painting in its expanded form by considering artworks which broaden and critique the classical definition of painting. From paintings that move beyond the picture plane to embrace physical space as installation; to works that employ novel technical, mechanical, or digital methods of production to reappraise authenticity; to artists who utilise materials and motifs which are intended to destabilise the aesthetic canon - the works in this exhibition are provocative in their approach and ambition.

The School of Art & Design Gallery will present an exhibition that probes definitions of painting, featuring works by alumni and staff members who have been associated with the Painting Workshop at the ANU School of Art & Design. The exhibition is a celebration of experimental, exploratory and restless approaches to what painting can be. Works in the exhibition push into material, social and conceptual space but always return back to painting in new and unexpected configurations.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

- 2168; Estate of Tomorrow, 2018

28 July to 16 September

2168: Estate of Tomorrow is a twenty metre commissioned work by renowned Western Sydney artist Catherine O'Donnell. Inspired by her childhood home within Green Valley, O'Donnell faithfully brings a classic 1960s suburban street scene into Casula Powerhouse's Upper Turbine Gallery.

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65th Blake Prize at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

- Finalist, represented artist Catherine O'Donnell

12 May to 1 July 2018

Since 1951, The Blake Prize has engaged artists from across Australia and around the world. It takes its name from the 18th century English poet, William Blake, who wove religious and spiritual themes throughout his work. This year there were 769 entries from artists hailing from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Norway, United States and United Kingdom and from every Australian state and territory. The Blake Prize will be exhibited from 12 May – 1 July at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

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Janet Tavener at Gosford Regional Gallery

- Janet Tavener and Rew Hanks: In the Ice, 2018

14 April to 20 May

In early 2017 artists Janet Tavener and Rew Hanks undertook a three-month artist residency in Iceland. The work produced for this exhibition is inspired by their journey and expresses their shared concern for the effect of climate change on the regions within the Arctic Rim.

During the residency Tavener photographed many of the vanishing glaciers and ice caves of Iceland. Her second series of work responds to the vulnerability of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway. Hanks's hand-coloured linocuts highlight the dramatic decline of the puffin populations of Iceland and the imbalance of marine ecosystems in the North Atlantic Sea caused by the high density of plastic pollutants.

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Robert Boynes and Waratah Lahy at Canberra Museum and Gallery

- Celebration: 20 years of collecting visual art at CMAG, 2018

24 March to 17 June

Canberra Museum and Gallery website:
This exhibition showcases the rich collections of visual art at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG). In its 20-year history CMAG has built a collection of objects with a unique focus, which reflects both the creative breadth of its artists and the historical context of art in the Canberra region – this corner of south-eastern Australia that includes the nation’s capital, the southern tablelands, the Monaro plains and a number of towns and hamlets.

The exhibition includes historical and contemporary Canberra region art by more than 100 established and emerging artists, representing CMAG’s holdings of painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, digital art, ceramics, glass, textiles, metalware and jewellery.

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Peter Tilley at The University of Newcastle Gallery

- Seeing the Shadow, 2018

21 March to 14 April

The elusive, insubstantial nature of the shadow lends itself to metaphor, myth and legend, with its signi cance contemplated by human consciousness throughout history. Shadows appear as essences of the soul - the externalisation of the inner self - as guides or advisors. In Jungian psychology, shadows contain parts of ourselves that are suppressed, denied, or unfavourable.

For his PhD research, Peter Tilley examines the theory and philosophy of shadow, developing and utilising an array of materials, found objects, symbols and methods that enable the construction of shadows to visually or symbolically disclose fundamental traits and mnemonics of the ‘casting’ figure.

The resulting sculptures become complex representations that explore illusions of certainty, memory and imagination - the mysteries of the unknown - and the fundamental identity and attributes of the figure/self.

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Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing 2018

- Finalists, represented artists Catherine O'Donnell and Todd Fuller

3 to 29 March 2018.

Represented artists Catherine O'Donnell and Todd Fuller have been selected as finalists for the 2018 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing.

The annual Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, an acquisitive award of $25,000, both commemorates Adelaide Elizabeth Perry’s contribution as a visual arts educator at the College and celebrates the ongoing relationship she enjoyed with the art world of the day. The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing is amongst the most valuable and well regarded in the Australian arts community.

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Todd Fuller at Gympie Regional Gallery

- How to Raise a Siren, 2018

10 January to 24 February

Todd Fuller's hand drawn films have been captivating audiences since 2010. His unique style of animation combines analogue film-making methodologies with drawing and painting techniques. In 2016 Todd Fuller created the animation how to raise a siren, which begins with the unlikely incident of a small seacow falling from the sky at Sydney's Bondi beach. The mammal is caught in a jar by a young boy, which is the start of a lifelong companionship. The non-linear narrative considers themes of conservation, imagination, time, liberation, loss and freedom. This mesmerising animation belongs to a highly accessible body of work of the same theme that will compel audiences of all ages. Todd Fuller, the artist, is represented by MAY SPACE, Sydney.

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