Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
21-22 May 2011
Lynne Dwyer

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Melinda Le Guay weaves enamelled copper wire into gossamer-fine gowns, many with pins, needles and other sharp objects in their bodice, waiting for an enchanted princess to prick her finger, or her heart. Le Guay says her work is about the physical and psychological susceptibility of young women, which can result in self-harm or body image disorders. Don't leave without watching one of Todd Fuller's hand-drawn videos. The evocative 'Summer's End', with its thunderstorm soundtrack, is transfixing. Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, 9318 1122. Tue-Fri, 11am-6pm; Sat, 10am-6pm; until June 4.