Debutantes. 12. Ashleigh Garwood

Art Collector #75
January-March 2016
Chloe Wolifson

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With analogue processes holding hipster-esque appeal in the face of the ubiquitousness of the digital, one needs to look beyond nostalgia-inducing filter effects to find strong contemporary photography. One promising exponent of the craft is Ashleigh Garwood, whose work fusing analogue and digital processes made its solo commercial gallery debut in May 2015 at Brenda May Gallery in Sydney. The exhibition, entitled Of Other Spaces, continued Garwood's ongoing investigation of photography's power to shape knowledge and extended it into an interrogation of the imagining of landscape. Garwood seeks balance between form, content and concept in her work, backed up by studies in art theory, silver gelatin, collodion and ambrotype processes.

"Ashleigh is a technically savvy young artist with a mature eye," says dealer Brenda May. "Her aesthetic sensibility and attention to detail is already astounding. This makes her work compelling because she is already a skilled artist at the beginning of her career, making the development of her work through the opportunities she is attracting something worth investing in."

Private and public institutions have noticed the emerging artist, with Garwood's work being shortlisted for numerous prizes and included in the Macquarie Group Collection. Already the recipient of two Australia Council grants and the Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship, 2016 and will see Garwood photographing her way around Iceland, Germany and the South of France, in addition to undertaking a residency at the highly regarded Cite International des Arts, Paris. The work resulting from this Paris sojourn, which will be exhibited at Brenda May Gallery in September 2016, is no doubt keenly anticipated by the artist's growing fan base.