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Art Almanac - By a thread

2020 - By a thread Art Almanac

Art Almanac
10 September 2020
Art Almanac

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‘By a thread’ explores the dualities in fibre art – from associations with gender and domesticity to arguments of its legitimacy as an art form, and its politicisation as an agent for change. The power of the art form can be ascribed to its unique and intrinsic non-neutrality. The exhibition includes work from artists who approach fibre practices from varied backgrounds; they include, Anna Dunnill, Graziela Guardino, Aerial Morallos, Al Munro, Mylyn Nguyen, Chloe Smith (I Make Soft Food), Nina Walton, and Lisa Woolfe.

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Morgan Shimeld in Art Edit Magazine

Art Edit Magazine
March 19 2020
Rose of Sharon Leake

Left: Best of Minimalism: Morgan Shimeld

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Sculptor Morgan Shimeld describes his work as minimalist geometric abstraction. The meaning behind his work is a complex amalgamation of philosophy, history and industry. His current series Passage aims to convey the metaphorical act of transformation, a symbolic rite of passage which pays homage to the notion of personal and collective experience. Morgan’s signature single-piece sculptures often feature angled channels cut through the form’s dense body, giving a sense of space within containment. ...more

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Mylyn Nguyen in Sydney Morning Herald "S Section"

Sydney Morning Herald
8 August 2020
Nicole Elphick

Left: Best of the week: What to see, hear and do from August 9-15


ART Mylyn Nguyen’s latest solo exhibition Among Leaves and Twigs (until August 29) creates a whimsical world in which tiny, intricately detailed abodes nestle among greenery. 10am-5pm, May Space, 409b George Street, Waterloo, free,

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Todd Fuller in The Storytellers, Museum of Brisbane

Art Almanac
10 July 2020

Left: The Storytellers

Historical objects, artworks, moving image and sound complement true and creative stories from some of Brisbane’s most unique voices – including Victoria Carless, Simon Cleary, Matthew Condon, Trent Dalton, Nick Earls, Benjamin Law, Hugh Lunn, Kate Morton and Ellen van Neerven. Together they reveal the nuance of the city from Law’s family pilgrimages to Chinatown, Condon’s take on its underbelly from corruption to crime and Earls who spins a tale about doing up a neglected Queenslander in Red Hill.


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Catherine O'Donnell at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
3 July 2020
Rilka Oakley

Left: Exhibition Catalogue for 'Occupied'

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'Catherine O'Donnell

My practice explores the architecture, culture and history of the suburbs, representing the commonly overlooked dwelling of suburbia - the home, in an abstracted form. I have a keen interest in minimalist structures of architecture, the pictorial power of illusion, scale and perspective and the pursuit of a shared narrative is at the heart of my artistic practice.


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Manly Dam Project, Manly Art Gallery (NSW) Review

16 January 2020
Gina Fairley

Left: Eight artists join eight engineers in a collaboration that examines 60 years of the Manly Dam, garnering lessons in coastal erosion, wetland management, biodiversity, climate change and social history.

With eight engineers, eight artists, and around eight months working together, the Manly Dam Project opened at Manly Art Gallery & Museum (MAG&M) in December.

Arts and science collaborations are not new; indeed, we have become quite sophisticated in how artists and scientists have shared conversations today. It’s less about taking from each other, and rather about a way to speak in tandem for a shared outcome.


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Ruth Ju-Shih Li for Liminal Magazine

Liminal Magazine
27 April 2020
Matt Chun

Left: Interview #134 - Ruth Li

Ruth Ju-Shih Li is a ceramic artist currently working between Australia, China and Taiwan. She explores different ways of narrating both traditional and multicultural concepts of beauty, transcendence and the sublime.

Li draws from her diverse philosophical and cultural heritage, and from the language of dreams, myths and utopias. Li has exhibited in Sydney, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Thailand.

Ruth spoke with Matt Chun about sculptural ceramics, mandatory quarantine and ‘floating in Jing’.


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Miriam Innes in Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
25 April 2020
Nicole Elphick

Left: Best of the week: What to see, hear and do in Sydney, April 26-May 1

Wednesday, April 29

ART Irish artist Miriam Innes' exhibition Unequivocally New York (until May 16) is open from today by appointment or available to view online. The show captures the stunning architecture and indomitable spirit of the famous city in a series of charcoal drawings. 10am-5pm, May Space, 409b George Street, Waterloo, free,

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Art Almanac - Sydney Printmakers 2020

Sydney Printmakers 2020 in Art Almanac

Art Almanac
1 April 2020

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To April 26 Sydney Printmakers 2020. From April 29 Miriam Innes.

Janet Parker-Smith, Armed for the Unknown No.1 2020, edition 1 of 3, six colour screen print, 120 x 80cm. Courtesy of the artist and MAY SPACE.

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O'Donnell - AGNSW Look

Catherine O'Donnell at Tweed Regional Gallery

LOOK Art Gallery Society of New South Wales, March-April 2020
1 March 2020
Art Gallery of New South Wales


Catherine O'Donnell's intricately rendered charcoal drawings of suburban fibro homes explore the cultural significance of these commonly overlooked, humble modernist forms in her solo exhibition Fibro façade. At Tweed Regional Gallery until 28 June.


Catherine O'Donnell Fibro façade (detail) 2018, installation view. Drawing installation, charcoal on paper, tape, 240 x 2000cm. Photo: Silversalt, courtesy of the artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney."

Art Almanac

Graziela Guardino - Finite infinity

Art Almanac
March 2020

'Finite Infinity' is an exhibition of mixed media works by Graziela Guardino, which the artist has created by building, deconstructing, cutting and painting, pulling threads and sewing using materials including linen, wood, brass, thread and paint.

The series explores the dichotomies of life; absence and presence, darkness and light, and fragility and resilience and 'takes inspiration from poems that express opposing notions in line with my exploration of the binary forces that life presents,' says Guardino.


The Idea of the City: Miriam Innes and the Imagining of New York

January 2020
Andrew Frost

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by Andrew Frost

“I truly felt a strange belonging and familiarity to the city” – Miriam Innes.