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Making it as a regional artist – the realities and the wins

16 November 2018
Gina Fairley

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Nicole Welch bypassed Sydney, moving from London to Bathurst. Fourteen years on, she talks about the changes and the challenges for an artist living regionally.

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Artstate Bathurst

Art Almanac
November 2018

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'Artstate' celebrates the creativity of the arts across regional New South Wales developed by Regional Arts NSW as part of a four-year project. 'Artstate Bathurst' is on from 1 to 4 November with a vibrant calendar of events including theatre, music, dance, film and a lively visual arts program

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Highlights include Central West artist, Nicole Welch presenting two new works Transformation and Mementos at Tremain's Mill on Thursday 1 November...

JADA win for Todd Fuller

Clarence Valley Independent
31 October 2018
Lynne Mowbray

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A large crowd turned out for the 2018 official opening of the biennial Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA) on Friday evening, at the Grafton Regional Gallery.

Gallery director Niomi Sands introduced Art Gallery of NSW curator Anne Ryan who had judged the exhibition earlier on in the day, to announce the winner.

Sydney based artist Todd Fuller took out the prestigious award with his video animation of Grafton.

Todd said that his animation film was drawn one frame at a time and contains 3,600 stills.

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JADA winner pays tribute to Grafton

The Daily Examiner
26 October 2018
Adam Hourigan

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IT HAS references to Rome, a tiny piano and is an ode to the Clarence.

It is also the winner of the 2018 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award.

The animation, titled Ode to Clarence and created by Sydney artist Todd Fuller, was awarded the $30,000 prize by judge Anne Ryan tonight.

The hand-drawn animation was created during a residency at Grafton Regional Gallery in 2016.

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Media artist Nicole Welch explores the colonial history of the Blue Mountains in exhibition at The Glasshouse

Port Macquarie News
12 October 2018
Laura Telford

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A new exhibition at The Glasshouse titled Silence and Solitude: selected works from Eastern Interiors explores the paths of colonial explorers in the Blue Mountains.

Media artist Nicole Welch uses photography and time-lapse video to convey to audiences a sense of history and reflective culture using landscapes.

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From Rubbish Comes Works of Beauty

28 September 2018

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Rubbish in the eyes of the others, is worthless, not desirable what people throw away as waste and unwanted objects. Leslie Oliver, Australian Artist and Filmmaker sees that what others discard can be used and made into beautiful art.

The Quarterly 4.4

September 2018

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Exhibition information and news for the fourth quarter - September - December 2018 - at MAY SPACE. 

Pure Abstraction

Art Collector - Sydney Contemporary Special Edition
September 2018
Annabelle Cage

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Charlie Sheard has spent three solid years on the works exhibiting at this year's Sydney Contemporary, carefully constructing layer upon layer of bleeding, spilling, flowing paint.

The Last Seed

Art Guide
September/October 2018
Tracey Clement

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The seeds, fruit, and vegetables in Tavener’s images seem to float in space, a reminder that all life on earth relies on energy from our nearest star – the Sun. Her jewel-like artworks serve to highlight just how precious and precarious life on earth is. It is not just the seeds stored in Norway that are vulnerable: all seeds, all plants and all animals worldwide are threatened by manmade climate change. ...more

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Out of the Shadows

World Sculpture News
Spring 2018
Victoria Hynes

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Sculptor Peter Tilley's figurative art continues his philosophical enquiry, namely the pursuit of a harmony between life's opposing forces. His addressing of meaningful philosophical concerns through physical and robust media is testament to his masterful skill as a seasoned sculptor, as well as suggesting new depths as a visionary visual artist.

Charlie Sheard

SMH Good Living
7 September 2018
John McDonald

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Charlie Sheard refutes the slander that abstract artists just slap on it. Sheard ran a private studio school for 20 years, in which he instructed students on the painting techniques of the old masters. In terms of expertise, he is one of Australia's most knowledgeable artists.

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Charlie Sheard 2018

Exhibition Catalogue
August 2018

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Exhibition catalogue for Charlie Sheards's solo exhibition DIGONOS 2018. Essay by Dr Josephine Tourma.