Close to home: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2016

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9 August 2016
Naomi Gall

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Presenting the work of six artists, Close to home is the second Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial. Jumaadi, Maria Kontis, Richard Lewer, Noel McKenna, Catherine O'Donnell and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu explore narratives based on memory and experience. With an intense intimacy and personal poignancy, these six storytellers present complex themes, from death to depression, that are both beautiful and unnerving.


Personal reflection is at the heart of Catherine O'Donnell's impressive installation Inhabited space, 2015-2016, which occupies an entire wall of the gallery. The artist has created the facade of a post-war fibro Western Sydney house, similar to the one she grew up in, incorporating subtle visual cues suggesting life within. The door slightly ajar and a blind pulled aside hint at a sense of life within the work. The detail and shading in O'Donnell's work is exceptional and demonstrates a high degree of skill and technique.

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