Music is the Muse for Sydney Artist

The West Australian
18 February 2019
Simon Collins

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Music is the muse for Sydney artist Loribelle Spirovski. The 2017 Archibald Prize finalist’s stunning work Age of Reason adorns the cover of Methyl Ethel’s third album, Triage.

Spirovski, who moved to Australia from the Philippines when she was 9, says the oil and acrylic painting is a portrait of her husband, concert pianist and “frequent muse” Simon Tedeschi.

“I was both surprised and not surprised that Jake (Webb, Methyl Ethel frontman) was drawn to the piece, as music is both literally and subconsciously a strong theme of the painting,” she explains.

“While painting the piece, I listened to a lot of Ravel and choral music by Bach.”

Triage is the third album to borrow her work. “This is definitely a special one, particularly as a fan of their music.”

Spirovski has also painted portraits of singer-songwriters Megan Washington and Lior — entering the latter work in the Black Swan Prize.

“Even before being with my husband, I was always drawn to musicians,” she says, “but being married to a pianist has definitely furthered my pre-existing love of music and desire to paint musicians.”

Spirovski’s series of expressive portraits based on photographs of men, Homme exhibited at the LA Art Show last month.

Perth superstar Troye Sivan, who lives in Los Angeles, was photographed standing next to a work many mistakenly believe is of the Bloom hit-maker.

“Nearly every second comment on that painting is asking whether it’s him or not,” Spirovski laughs.

“The hilarious thing is that it’s actually inspired by the actress Saoirse Ronan, who ... has a striking resemblance to Troye.”

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