Optical Illusion Art Exhibition Announced For Sydney

The Brag
30 March 2016
Amy Henderson

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The Op Art exhibition is set to hit Sydney, and we won't quite know what we're looking at.

As potent as a good case of inception, the art exhibit Op Art is set to warp reality and perception in one big manipulation of geometrical shapes and repeating colours.

The exhibition is set to provide art that'll have us squinting with incredulous awe. Flat lines will seem to buckle and bend, stationary colours to leap and weep, patterns to quivker and writhe. Suffice to say, the deception and intrigue game will match whatever House Of Cards could ever deliver.

Featuring pieces inspired by cubism, constructivism and dadaism, the exhibition is likely to prove a most culturally deep foray into the medium of optical illusion, art and the final frontier thereof.

Op Art will be at the Brenda May Gallery, running Saturday June 11 - Thursday July 7.

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