Time Out Sydney
24 July 2018
Ben Neutze

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Treat your nose to some culture at this exhibition of contemporary artists working with scent

There aren't many art exhibitions that you can't get a taste for by looking at video and images online, but here's one that absolutely requires your presence and your olfactory register. reminiSCENT features the work of 14 contemporary artists working with scent to create multisensory experiences. There's plenty you can see, but the focus is firmly on the smells that actually enter your nose and settle on the olfactory receptors inside your body. That's a fair bit more intimate than looking at a painting.

Some of the scents you'll encounter at will be pleasant (Claire Anna Watson has worked with a perfumer to create a sculptural installation that captures the scent of the forest) whereas others might be a bit confronting (Todd Fuller's 'Ode to Troughman' is a version of smell-o-vision featuring the scent of urinal cakes and a hand-drawn animation set in a men's toilet depicting the sexual encounters of the 1980s gay figure 'Troughman').

There's also David Capra's 'Eau de Wet Dogge', a perfume that smells like his daschund Teena during bathtime, and Jayne McSwiney's 'True Blue (After John Williamson)', which brings sound and smell together with a scent correlating to each note in Williamson's Australian anthem. Melinda Le Guay's 'Collective Gathering' features all the smells of her annual Christmas cake, rearranged into a sculpture, and Liz Henderson's untitled work pairs fragrances with typewriters, inviting audiences to describe what they smell.

Other artists in the exhibition include Jo Burzynska, Jayme McSwiney, Archie Moore, Mylyn Nguyen, Bill Noonan, Susanna Strati, Janet Tavener, Martynka Wawrzyniak and Melinda Young.

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