In Studio with Ruth Ju-shih Li

New Ceramics: The European Ceramics Magazine
Issue 4, 2019
Evelyne Schoenmann

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Ruth, we met in Yingge/Taiwan at the last IAC/AIC meeting and you told me about your very interesting background and busy life as an artist.
As an artist I divide my time between my studios in Sydney-Australia, Taipei (Taiwan) and in Jingdezhen (PR China). I was born in Taiwan and migrated to New Zealand with my family when I was three years old, and then to Australia when I was ten. Having lived most of my life in Sydney and studied at the National Art School in Australia, I identify as a Taiwanese-Australian artist.

So you are at home in many countries, and you change studio and location quite often. At the moment, as you said, you alternate between Australia, PR China and Taiwan. Residencies are also an important part in your life. What is the reason you don’t want to settle down?
My work is heavily influenced by my diverse cultural heritage and the search for a common language. Research and observation play an enormous part in the growth of my work, so travelling and international residencies are a great source of fresh inspiration for me, constantly challenging and evolving my practice. My recent residency in Thailand was beautifully eye-opening...

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