Sydney's Amusing Art

National Geographic Traveler
17 March 2011
Karen Carmichael

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"Sydneysiders and visitors alike can get a taste of Australian humor at the third Art + Humour exhibition next month, hosted by Brenda May Gallery in Waterloo.

Designed to elicit grins from all ages, the collection features quirky and amusing paintings, sculptures, and installations from such notable Australian artists as Joanna Braithwaite, Philippe Moreau, and Will Coles.

The centerpiece: a soaring Banksia tree (found only in Western Australia) installed in the gallery floor and daintily swathed in a massive cardigan, hand-knit by artist Mimi Dennett. Other standout pieces include "Baby Blue No. 3," a whimsical jelly mold by Janet Tavener, and the surreal "Tree Change" by Janet Parker-Smith.

Several of the artists will be on hand to mingle over beer and wine during a reception at the gallery Saturday, April 16, from 4-6 p.m."