Todd Fullers exhibit of Branxton...

The Maitland Mercury
25 October 2019
Rick Allen

Left: Todd Fuller's exhibit of Branxton at May Space gallery in Waterloo, Sydney

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Todd Fuller lives in Sydney and has had his artwork exhibited all around Australia, but his love of Branxton still burns brightly.

So much so the 31-year-old's latest exhibition is a snapshot of Branxton - in his own words "a nod to stories of greatness there, to some weird things ... a nostalgic cross section of Branxton."

Fuller, 31, grew up in Branxton and lived there until he was 18 when he went to National Art School.

He recently returned there to get inspiration for his exhibition - a place not like home - which will show at the May Space gallery in Waterloo next month.

"I went home to my parents' place for a few weeks, took over their garage as my workspace and I would go out all day drawing and then come back and paint," he said.

"So the exhibition will be the paintings, but I also incorporate them in some moving images with trains going down the line, that sort of thing ... a bit like the old frame by frame cartoons."

The slow process took two months and resulted in an eight minute movie.

"It's labour intensive all right .... drawing, erasing, adjusting each frame."

But the hard work was worth it with the film shown in American as a part of an international survey of drawing

The images are largely charcoal and sepia tones.

"I stripped back the colour to highlight the nostalgia and history of the place. I also think there's something a bit creepy and unsettling when you take the colour out of things.

"A snapshot to the past."

So, does he see Branxton as a sleepy place, or much more?

"More definitely. I learnt lessons there, had experiences there, met personalities there ... had moments of warmth, moments of discomfort. I hope this exhibition somehow reflects that."

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