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Visual Art: Canberra Connection

SMH Spectrum
31 March 2018

Proving that there's more to Canberra than Parliament House, artist Alexander Boynes curates Straight Outta Canberra. A cutting-edge collection of art (detail, pictured) from the capital, the show features ambitious emerging artists including Tom Buckland, Cat Mueller, Sanne Koelemij and Rebecca Selleck. ...more

What's on in the Canberra art scene, March 24, 2018

23 March 2018
Karen Hardy

For as much as I always get into trouble from you, dear readers, every time I mention an exhibition outside of Canberra, here is one you shouldn't miss.

Alexander Boynes has curated a fabulous selection of works for Straight Outta Canberra, which will be on show at May Space, in Sydney, until April 14. ...more

Art Unite Project

16 March 2018

Todd Fuller presents the third iteration of his video Unite Project. In the wake of the postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage, Fuller animates a drawing he sent to members of the public to colour in. The image depicts two men engaged in a passionate kiss and has been coloured by more than 400 people. ...more

The Quarterly 4.2

March 2018

Exhibition information and news for the second quarter - April - June 2018 - at MAY SPACE. ...more

Collective energy

Wentworth Courier
7 March 2018
Jacqui Taffel

The first painting Potts Point artist and curator Daniel Mudie Cunningham ever bought was from a Woollahra gallery on Queen Street 20 years ago. ...more

Housing Memories

March-April 2018
Vanessa Berry

Catherine O'Donnell's 'celebration of the overlooked' transforms humble locations into experiences of significance, writes Vanessa Berry. ...more

Art Month, Sydney

Art Almanac
March 2018

Experience Sydney's thriving arts community this month during the ninth annual festival of 'Art Month' on from 1 to 25 March across a multitude of galleries and creative spaces from the city to the suburbs. The program is brimming with exhibitions, performance, workshops, talks, walks and studio tours featuring a vast array of works across all contemporary art forms. Highlights include: 'the Collectors' Space' exhibition at MAY SPACE from 1 to 17 March... ...more

Is This Sydney's Most Intimate Art Exhibition?

Broadsheet Sydney
1 March 2018
Kirsty Sier

There's a big difference between viewing art in a gallery and viewing it in someone's home. The first option lends itself to detached study, while art hung on a living room wall often comes hand-in-hand with a human story and personal history. It's an intimate experience few art lovers get to enjoy.

This Art Month, a new exhibition, Collectors' Space, will blur the line between these two formats. Held at May Space in Waterloo, the exhibition plucks art from the homes of artists and curators and opens it up to public viewing. ...more

Art Month Collector's Space 2018

Art Collector
January - March 2018
Ashley Crawford

Curator Kate Britton clearly had a steak of inspiration when she was asked to concoct something for the 2018 Collector's Space at MAY SPACE. As artistic director of Art Month Sydney 2018, Britton will delve into the personal collections of carefully selected artists and practitioners who include Abdul Abdullah, Tony Albert, Tess Allas, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, and Emma Price. Those included all have stellar careers and long-term commitments to the artists they have supported. ...more

Like electricity: Todd Fuller and 'Billy's Swan'

Art Monthly
17 January 2018
Daniel Mudie Cunningham

When I think about trauma, my thoughts inevitably drift towards musicals. The emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual abuses I've experienced - especially in my youth - somehow shaped who I am today as a queer man who sees the world through music. The genre of the musical thrives from making sunshine of shit. Bad things happen, but transforming them into song and dance makes us feel like everything will be alright in the end. ...more

The Quarterly 4.1

December 2017

Exhibition information and news for the first quarter -February - April 2018 - at MAY SPACE. ...more

Baby gestures

Catalogue essay
November 2017
Kent Wilson


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