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Todd Fullers exhibit of Branxton...

The Maitland Mercury
25 October 2019
Rick Allen

Left: Todd Fuller's exhibit of Branxton at May Space gallery in Waterloo, Sydney

Todd Fuller lives in Sydney and has had his artwork exhibited all around Australia, but his love of Branxton still burns brightly.

So much so the 31-year-old's latest exhibition is a snapshot of Branxton - in his own words "a nod to stories of greatness there, to some weird things ... a nostalgic cross section of Branxton."

Fuller, 31, grew up in Branxton and lived there until he was 18 when he went to National Art School.


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Artist Todd Fuller to feature body of work "mayor of Shelly Beach" on Harry Thompson at Sydney exhibition

Port Macquarie News
23 October 2019

THERE'S a special kind of magic outside of Australia's metropolitan areas and artist Todd Fuller found it in Port Macquarie.

Mr Fuller was an artist in residence at the Glasshouse in 2018 and used the "mayor of Shelly Beach" Harry Thompson as his muse for an exhibition of works in February.


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The Shortlist

Sydney Morning Herald
20 September 2019

Group exhibition Square coordinated by Lisa Jones features ten contemporary Australian artists who begin with the same set format of squares as a starting point before allowing their improvisational skills to create unique works exploring the relationship between realism and abstraction. The works traverse mediums, from paint to sculpture, 3D to flat, and geometric to fluid shapes, all aiming to reimagine the practice of collaboration in art.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2019

Sydney Morning Herald
12 September 2019
John McDonald

Left: Represented artist Ruth Ju-Shih Li mentioned in John McDonald's review of Sydney Contemporary 2019 in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Fine art fights the patriarchy at Paris Fashion Week

Creative Boom
24 September 2019
Katy Cowan

This year, Paris Fashion Week isn't just about the catwalk. Work by leading female artists is also going on show, in a pop-up gallery curated by The House of Fine Art (HOFA).

Curated by HOFA co-founder, Simonida Pavicevic, the themes of the show are self-discovery through art, femininity and feminism, and the fluidity of sensory perception.


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Artist in Focus - Loribelle Spirovski

Blackwater Gallery
29 August 2019

29th August 2019

Artist in Focus - Loribelle Spirovski

This week we look at the work of Loribelle Spirovski, an artist who has gone from strength to strength and whose evocative works convey multiple stories across the canvas.

In her own words, Loribelle talks to us about her journey and process...


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Sydney Morning Herald
10 August 2019
Nick Bonyhady

Left: Alex Karaconji, 'Morning', 2019

Two shows open today at the May Space gallery in Waterloo. There's Alex Karaconji's Morning, which includes his trilogy of stop-motion animation works that document a single day in the artist's life. Agnes Tyson's adjacent show The Interior of Home depicts familiar indoors but plays with pattern, colour and spatial dimensions.

'Pattern Translation, Form Follows Fold and Shifts in Japanese Materiality are on at Craft ACT'

The Canberra Times
7 August 2019
Kerry-Anne Cousins

Left: Al Munro, 'Pa koa ma Weave Disturbance' (2018) at Craft ACT for 'Patten Translation' (11 July - 31 August)

"Al Munro uses digital technology to manipulate patterns in a two-way process between traditional painting and digital generated printing. The artist is interested in the transfer of designs between each of the processes where slippages and changes can occur bringing an element of chance into what can seem a mechanical process."

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Charlie Sheard, Absolute Abstraction Exhibition

Charlie Sheard: Absolute Abstraction

Sydney Morning Herald
3 August 2019
John McDonald

Left: Charlie Sheard, 'Green Painting', 2015-18.

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"Absolute Abstraction is an uncompromising title for an uncompromising show at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum. So far removed is this event from the laidback norms of Australian painting that it would surely read better in German: Absolute Abstraktion. That hard ‘k’ makes all the difference."

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'Charlotte Bakker sees synchronicity between music and sculpture'

Art Guide Australia
12 July 2019
Tracey Clement

Left: Charlotte Bakker, 'Intermezzo', 2018, steel and timber, 38 x 41 x 35cm.

Although she is not a musician, sculptor Charlotte Bakker says music is a vital part of her practice. “I see great synchronicity between music and sculpture in terms of form, harmony and rhythm,” she explains. “Rhythm is the connecting thread for me. Rhythm exists in music, in sculpture, in the human body: magnificently, in all the natural world.”

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'Al Munro: Turning mathematical codes into textiles'

Art Guide Australia
10 July 2019
Andrew Stephens

Left: Al Munro, 'Yellow Grid Disturbance' (2018) at Craft ACT for 'Patten Translation' (11 July - 31 August)

"With an enduring interest in textiles, Canberra-based artist Al Munro has in the past made paintings based on their pattern. More recently she has been experimenting with a more extended form of translation by transferring the content of those paintings back into textiles 'to see what happens.' Like a game of whispers, things change along the way, and unexpected elements emerge."

The Shortlist

Sydney Morning Herald
21 June, 2019

Award-winning lighting designer Sim Steel hosts a solo exhibition, 6300, at May Space in which all works were taken on an old Nokia 6300 camera phone.