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Our Common Bond Exhibition featured in SMH

The Shortlist

Sydney Morning Herald
12 April 2019

Drawing inspiration from the Australian citizenship test booklet, group exhibition Our Common Bond explores the brutal truths that the citizenship test fails to address, that of our First Nations peoples. Olivia Welch has curated works that explore Australia's history and current attitudes towards the country's diverse population.

The Shortlist

Sydney Morning Herald
29 March 2019

Yawning on the toilet, soaking in the bathtub or pondering life over a cigarette: these brief moments of pause are the focus of Dai Li's sculpture exhibition, A Moment's Silence. They depict the slight changes in body language and facial expression that occur when we lose ourselves to everyday thoughts.

Our Common Bond

Art Almanac
April 2019
Emma-Kate Wilson

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Why is there a prefix on Australian-ness? Why is identity predicated on where we came from?
To see who feels welcome, and who does not, it can be as simple as opening a magazine or turning on the TV.

In the exhibition, Our Common Bond at MAY SPACE, Sydney, Olivia Welch curates the works of a talented mix of Australian artists from Jason Phu to Amala Groom, Dean Cross, Pamela Leung, Siying Zhou, Atong Atem, Lara Chamas and Duha Ali who explore what it means to be Australian, and why there is such a fixation on trying to define what that means.

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National Art School celebrates drawing with public events

National Art School celebrates drawing with public events

Daily Telegraph

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Preview: Darren Gannon

Art Guide
March/April 2019
Andrew Stephens

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Spending most of his life on the coastal fringes of Sydney's south, Darren Gannon would, as a younger man, head further south for surfing trips with mates. He loved those years of sleeping on isolated hilltops and gazing lovingly at landscapes that are now embedded in his consciousness.

Nicole Welch

Artist Profile
20 February 2019

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Artist Profile chats to Nicole Welch about the dualities of endurance and surrender, urbanity and rurality, life and death, that interlace her media-based practice, as the artist prepares for her exhibition at MAY SPACE, Sydney.

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Music is the Muse for Sydney Artist

The West Australian
18 February 2019
Simon Collins

Music is the muse for Sydney artist Loribelle Spirovski. The 2017 Archibald Prize finalist’s stunning work Age of Reason adorns the cover of Methyl Ethel’s third album, Triage.

Spirovski, who moved to Australia from the Philippines when she was 9, says the oil and acrylic painting is a portrait of her husband, concert pianist and “frequent muse” Simon Tedeschi.


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Shelly Beach 'mayor' Harry Thompson is the muse for a new animated exhibition opening at the Glasshouse

Port Macquarie NewsVerified account
15 February 2019
Laura Telford

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A new exhibition combines film and drawing to tell the story of Port Macquarie icon Harry Thompson the unofficial mayor of Shelly Beach.

A sketch animation artist, Todd Fuller started work on the exhibition during his time as an Artist in Residency at the Glasshouse in October, 2018 and said he is delighted to be back showcasing his work.

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The Sun-Herald

Sunday Snapshot: Art

The Sun-Herald
10 February 2019
Nicole Elphick

ART Shelf Life (until February 24) is a group exhibition that considers the genre of the still life. Noon-4pm, May Space, 409b George Street, Waterloo, free,

Debutantes: Peta Minnici

Art Collector
January 2019
Victoria Hynes

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Peta Minnici has been a stand out student whist completing her Master of Fine Arts at the National Art School over the past several years. In 2015, she won The John Olsen Award for Figure Drawing, as well as the Parkers Fine Art Award for Painting, both held at NAS. In 1017 she was also a finalist for the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and has participated in group shows with Sydney's Dominik Mersch Gallery, Manly Art Gallery and GAFFA Gallery. ...more

Arts Friday

89.7 Eastside FM
30 November 2018

Radio interview with Todd Fuller about his exhibition Convicts and Queens: a passionate history of Australia.

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Ideal home of crushed hopes

29 November 2018
Linda Morris

For much of the 20th century, Australia enjoyed one of the highest rates of home ownership in the world.

Suburbs stretched the city edges and homes became castles;  not just places of physical shelter and emotional retreat but showcases of architectural trends, furnishings and the latest kitchen appliances.

Seventy objects drawn from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences plot the evolution of the "great Australian dream" in a new exhibition opening at the Penrith Regional Gallery on December 1.



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